YouTube Vloggers – Obsession

So I have just discovered another thing that I am a year (or two) behind the trend with, it’s YouTube Vloggers. I have recently discovered a few Vloggers, which I am a bit obsessed with. It’s basically a groups of friends  that centres around Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes who are a couple that live in Brighton. They are both bloggers and vloggers and have been for a while with literally millions of subscribers between them. They have many friends and relatives, who also blog and vlog and I just can’t get enough.

So my absolute favourite YouTube channel to watch is the one run by Zoe Sugg, or Zoella as she is known. She is bright and bubbly and has 2 channels, one for daily random vlogs and one for beauty / fashion type vlogs. Her boyfriend Alfie does the same, but with a side focus on gaming.

I could tell you lots and lots about them all, but you are probably reading this thinking that I am so last year and stuff, so I won’t! But I had to blog about them, because it’s my current obsession. I do this sometimes, get all involved with one particular thing for a while, like playing just one song on repeat until suddenly you just stop listening to it. I suspect this is like that!

But either way, I am all in at the moment and if you are interested in watching Zoella, then go to:

I promise you, you will start watching and 2 hours later, you will come out of the YouTube black hole and wonder what the hell happened!

But one good thing to come out of this obsession, she has inspired me to start my own vlogs.. well why not eh.. why the feck not?

G x

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