Puppy Proofing the House | pupdate

Awake at 6am

Gah, I’m on annual leave, but I’m awake at 6am? Why could that be? Oh yes, that’s right, WE ARE GETTING A DOG TODAY!!!! I’m so excited and also quite nervous as I’ve never had a puppy before, the anticipation is immense.

I also can’t help but think about our first dog Peggy, who was a German Shepherd / Whippet x-breed, who we adopted in 2004, when she was 5. She was an anxious soul that caused us no end of worry, but we was also the gentlest, most sweet natured dog you could ever meet. We were heartbroken to lose her when we did, we loved her so much.

But today, as M said, we aren’t replacing Peggy, we are just getting her a sister. That makes me so happy, I could cry ๐Ÿ˜ข !

Also, please do expect me posting at weird times, as toilet training a puppy means lots of getting up during the night! Wish me luck!

G x


Getting Pup Ready | pupdate

Getting a puppy is an exciting thing, but it’s also a little scary and of course a MASSIVE responsibility. As it’s over 5 years since we had a dog, we need to go and get lots of stuff to get ourselves and our house ready. Wanna see?

The first things we had to get were a cushion for Daisy to sit on, some puppy training pads and a blanket. We will use the pads to help toilet train Daisy so that she doesn’t poo or pee in the house. The cushion will go in her crate, which we are also going to use to make her feel safe.

Then of course we wanted to get her some toys and things to chew in the hope that she doesn’t chew anything in the house that she’s not supposed to.

We tried to go for a mix of things her for her bit and play with and also things that we can give her as a treat when she does well.ย It’s hard to know what she will like and what will work best for her, but of course these things will be trial and error, so I will make sure and update my posts to tell you what she and we love.

I am still so excited about her coming to live with us and I can’t wait to blog our life together.





Meet Daisy | pupdate

Do you follow me on Instagram? I mean, it’s my fave social, so before you read on, check me out >>here<<

Ok so I asked about Instagram because if you DID follow me on there, you would have seen that a wonderful thing has happened, M and & have officially become parents…. to a beautiful Cockapoo puppy we have named Daisy ๐ŸŒผ.

OK, buy lets rewind slightly, as you might have seen previously on gilliblogs, we have been looking for a dog to adopt for a few weeks without any success. So we had a real think and after a long discussion and a chat with a few friends, we made the huge decision to get a puppy. Yes, I know.ย ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿถ OMG.

So on Friday the 4th of May, which incidentally was also M’s birthday, we visited the breeder we chose to work with and met our beautiful Daisy. She’s a Cockapoo which is another name for a x-breed between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. She is currently 10 weeks old and she joins our family on Thursday 10th May 2018. It’s really going to be the best day!!!

So I why not check back in a few days to see her homecoming!!! I can’t remember the last time I was this excitedย ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†

G x


10lb gain (An Honest Post) | Getting Healthy

OK, well before I write this post I look at these photos and what I notice is that I look happy, I mean the mad hair and odd socks say it all I think. Also YES, my t-shirt does say Ewe Tube. That’s the way it goes.

Anyway, the last time I posted a Getting Healthy Blog was on the 1st January and that’s mainly because I haven’t really been as healthy as I should have. I haven’t been weighed for ages, but when I finally bit the bullet this morning, I had gained 10lbs. Gutted. All my life my weight has gone up and down, and it’s been a constant struggle.

So I am going to re-focus, and see where I am this time next week. I just need to move a little more and eat more fruit and veg. One of my favourite evening meals is a Turkey Hash which I cook in our slow cooker:

Turkey Hash (Slow Cooker)

Serves 4
Cooking Time: 7 hours on low


500g Turkey Mince
500g New Potatoes (diced)
500g Butternut Squash (I used a bag of Frozen from Tesco)
1 x red onion (diced)
3 x bay leaves
3 x tablespoons of Worcestershire Sauce
2 x Courgettesย  (I have subbed this for Aubergine, also lovely)

Basically bung it all the slow cooker and cook for 7 hours without taking the lid off. Delicious.

G x


3 years today | Grief

It’s 3 years today since we lost my mum. I say “Lost” she was actually ripped from our family much earlier than expected when Cancer took hold of her body and destroyed it.

She wasn’t an adventurous woman, any trip further than Wigan brought her out in a cold sweat, but she made a good brew, she cared brilliantly for the old people in her care for over 20 years for her job, she was a vehement Wigan Warriors supporter and her fruitcake was the stuff of legends.

She left behind my dad and husband of 43 years, myself and my sister, 2 granddaughters, and a whole host of other people that loved her. She is missed. I miss her. I am nowhere near as sad as I have been since it happened, but I always feel a little “off” around this time.ย  The upside is I get to talk about her a bit, which I don’t do so much anymore.

Grief is hard and weird and nothing like I thought it would be. But whatever it feels like, it does, in fact, suck.

Miss you Mum.

G x



Mindfullness Tips from Izzy Judd

I flipping love Instagram, so I also love it, when I find something brilliant that I can share. I am not a massive mindfulness practitioner, but I do love a good tip for feeling calmer when anxious or nervous. So I thought I would share this little tip for tired eyes that Izzy Judd shared on her Insta a few days ago:

MINDFUL HOLIDAY: HEALING HANDS Head over to my stories to find out more about this weekโ€™s mindfulness exercise ๐Ÿ™ Gently rub your hands together until they get lovely and warm and then you can rest them over your eyes. Our eyes work so hard, whether thatโ€™s from looking at screens or simply taking so much in throughout the day. This is another really quick and simple exercise I learnt from @findingmamashappyplace that I hope gives you a moments peace from a busy day. Iโ€™ve decided to post mindful Monday a little early because Iโ€™m having a digital detox whilst away with my family โ˜€๏ธ #digitaldetox #mindfulholiday #mindfulness #takecareofyourself #letstalkmindfulness #letstalkfertility #letstalkmotherhood #mindfulness #momentformum #momentforme #bepresent #anxiety #findingmamashappyplace #focus #calm #breathe #practicemakesprogress #ivfprep

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G x


The Next Chapter | Pupdate

It’s a big decision to get a dog, massive. But once that decision is made, then oh the joy of expectation. My last pupdate was sharing our experience of visiting various dog rescue centre after out initial thought was to adopt a rescue dog. But as that didn’t quite work out as we were expecting, we have formulated another plan……

14th April, 2018

Today we visited Bleakholt Animal Rescue in Ramsbottom in out attempt to give a rescue dog it’s forever home. However this was our 4th rescue centre we had looked round without really seeing a dog that we could consider adopting. We sat on a bench in the sunshine and started to discuss our options, which after some discussion led us down one particular and unexpected path. Yes, you lovely people, you guessed right, we have decided to get a puppy!!!!!

Not our neighbours dog, but still the cutest. Google images rules!

We always disregarded getting a puppy as obviously it’s a lot of work and also I am big fan of rescue dogs. But after our experiences of the local rescue centres, we think that getting a puppy is our next option.

15th April 2018

Sooooooo, the first step was to invite our very lovely neighbours round as they have a puppy that is around 12 months old and we firstly, wanted puppy cuddles and secondly to mine them for information!

The brought round their little waggy one and it was a total joy to have him in the house. He’s such a sweet natured dog and he was inquisitive and giddy and simply loved a tug of war. He’s a Cavapoo, which is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel crossed with a Poodle – just adorable. Our neighbours were brilliant and told us all about their experiences and it really helped to answer some questions that we had as well as calm any nerves. We aren’t totally sure what breed of dog we want just yet, but we think we have selected the breeder that we want to work with.

However, after contacting them today, we might have to wait a few weeks as once dogs are ready to leave the mum, the breeder isn’t able to hold them. We have a family holiday planned in a few weeks, so the timing is a little off. The upshot is that it’s M’s birthday early May and we already had annual leave planned. So guess what… on his birthday, we are going to look for a puppy!!!!!!

So just a few more weeks to wait until things get real…. I am honestly SOOO excited!!!ย ๐Ÿ’—ย ๐Ÿถย ๐Ÿ’—