6 tips to help you feel confident in your clothes

I have always been a person that struggles to keep my weight in a healthy place – my entire life, it’s been something I worried about much more than I should. However, to stop it burrowing a deep hole in my tiny mind, I have come up with a few strategies to help me feel on confident on the regs, no matter WHAT  the scales say. 

So for me, it’s always how I feel in my clothes that bothers me, I hate them feeling tight and if I don’t feel comfy then it’s impossible for me to feel confident, sexy and if I am honest, to enjoy my day. So here’s my tips to feel fab in your clothes: 

  1. Have a wardrobe clearout. If there are things that you have in your wardrobe that you haven’t worn for over a year, donate them to a charity shop. I know that in the back of your mind, you are thinking “I will keep that piece because it’s nice and it might fit me again soon”. But here’s the thing, it’s true that if your weight changes, it might fit you again, but what’s also true is that every time you open your wardrobe, you are reminded by some of the things in there, that they don’t fit. No-one wants a disappointed sigh when they are choosing clothes! GET RID 🆗 My compromise, would be to pick your favourite outfit out of all the ones staring at you that you don’t wear and donate the rest. Let’s face it, if you ever did change your body shape, you are more than likely going to enjoy shopping for some new stuff! 
  2. Have a honest conversation with yourself about size. I know that over the years I have been SO many different dress sizes and I feel more comfortable in some than others. BUT no-one in the world needs to know your size and once you have your clothes on, not a single person in ANY day will ask you what size dress you are wearing. So my tip here would be, buy the size that fits you, even if it’s not the one that you feel comfortable at. This goes back to the first tip, that you must always strive to buy/wear clothes that make you feel like an utter legend, every single day!
  3. One big thing that I try not to do, it’s speak negatively about myself. This is my toughest challenge to be honest. But… I try not to say that my hair is a mess or my clothes look sh*t as words matter and if you hear them often enough, even from yourself, you might start to believe them. If I heard someone tell my friend their outfit was awful, I would JUMP to their defense pretty damn quick. So why would I say those things to myself. But I know it’s hard if you are in that headspace to find one thing you like, but it can just be something small like your earrings or your little thumb nail. Positivity spreads. 
  4. Ignore trends at ALL costs. There comes a time in your life, age irrelevant, where you realise what suits you and trends are exactly that. For example, I have hooded eyes and the current trend for winged eyeliner has seen me try SEVERAL times to perfect the flick, but always failing miserably. So earlier this year, I let it go 🐸. Work out what suits you, what makes you feel awesome when you put it on and go with that. 
  5. Never keep clothes for “best”. So I know this might be controversial for some of you, but I rarely keep clothes for best. If I love something, I just wear it. Obviously I keep things appropriate for the setting I am in, but I don’t leave a perfectly good dress/jumper/pair of jeans in the wardrobe for the right occasion, I just bloody well put them on. I might fall under a bus tomorrow and then I might not ever get a chance to wear it! 
  6. The final tip I think is the most important. Ignore Social Media. Everyone just posts their highlight reel and with the help of filters, excellent light and picking 1 “best” photo out of 100. It’s all too easy to look at your own face, look at social media and feel like you don’t measure up – but believe me you do. you 1000% do

It all starts with a smile, so even if you don’t feel like it, smile for a few seconds. I sometimes do this and if I look in the mirror (lets be honest phone camera), I look so sarcastic – which then makes me do a genuine smile 😛. 

So there you have it, as always, I would love to hear any tips you might have for walking with confidence. 

G x 

October Heroes | Lifestyle

I realised over the last few weeks that I am person that likes finding solutions to things.  For example, Problem: Can’t continually reach something in a high cupboard and so continually has to drag a chair from another room? – I am the person that just LOVES finding a pretty step stool that can be stored easily to stop the reaching and chair dragging! I am THAT person that simply loves a gadget and I have to say that when I find a good one, I am almost evangelical about it! 

So with this in mind, I thought I would share some of my October Heroes with y’all. First Up: 

Handbag within a Handbag

I flipping LOVE this! On my commute to work, I have to take my laptop as well as all the other sundries I like to carry. But at the weekend, I still like to carry my purse (and let’s face it, lots of other cr*p) and it used to do my head in switching from a bigger bag to a smaller one. But this mini bag makes my life so much easier. It acts as an organiser for inside my bag and so when I want to switch I just lift the whole thing out (it has handles) and transfer from humongous laptop bag to my pretty weekend bag. GENIUS! 

Wick Trimmer

Now my second hero in October was a gift from someone that knows me VERY well. My lovely M bought me a wick trimmer. Now what the FLUFF is that you ask, well I am a secret candle hoarder, lighter, fancier and collector. But as the nights have drawn in, I might (definitely) have had some candles lit for too long and their long wicks have meant too much soot. So M treated me to a wick trimmer, which not only cuts down the wick of the candle to stop extra soot, it also catches the bl**dy thing as well!!!! I 💝 it! 

Too Faced Chocolate Palette

One thing that Instagram has done for me is invigorated my interest in make-up. I won’t ever be an expert, but I am definitely more up for experimenting and knowing what suits me. I bought a Laura Mercier palette a few years ago and loved it and on our recent trip to Barcelona, I treated myself to a Too Faced Chocolate palette. It’s DIVINE! It’s so pigmented and has some of my favourite colours. I’ve loved playing with and relish and occasion where I get to wear some of it. 

Also, mini shout-out for the All Nighter setting spray from Urban Decay. Helping my combo skin hang onto it’s makeup. FTW. 

LED Dressing Table Lights

For my 40th birthday, I was lucky enough to be give US Dollars for a trip abroad, but by some minor miracle, I didn’t spend them all whilst we were away. So with what was left, I bought a dressing table from Ikea. It’s perfectly positioned in our box room and my only bug bear has always been that the light isn’t great. The window is on my left and so the right hand side of my face is always in shadow, even with the “big” light on. I’ve tried a few different things, none of which quite worked, mainly because most “hollywood” style lights are straight where the mirror on my dressing table is oval. 

But finally on Amazon, I found these brilliant LED lights, which I have to admit aren’t the prettiest, but work perfectly. 

So as I said at the beginning, I love finding solutions and these have been some of my favorite this month. Hope you’ve had a good one and just for kicks, I will leave you with some pics from the awesome Halloween party we had… 

Till next time 

G x 

How are you?

How many times do you ask this question or answer this question in a week? As a standard this is how it commonly goes in my world:

“Hello, how are you?”

“Fine thanks, how are you?”

“Good, so I wanted to talk to you about…….”

This whole exchange takes about 3 seconds and then the conversation moves onto the topic at hand. Most people are not actually enquiring how I am, it’s just a way to say hello – a greeting. Which reminded me about something. 

You may have heard of a Doctor called Kate Grainer who was diagnosed with cancer, and she noticed that during her cancer treatment, hardly any of the people delivering her care introduced themselves to her. She became increasingly frustrated by this and started the #hellomynameis campaign, to encourage clinicians and caregivers to introduce themselves and make their care more personal. 

I loved this campaign and remembered it today when someone asked me how I was. The exchange was a perfunctory one and I answered in the expected way, but the truth is, it should have gone like this: 

“Hello, how are you?”

“Well I am sort of ok, but feeling quite stressed out after a difficult few weeks. I am dealing with a lot of uncertainty and it’s starting to take its toll both physically and mentally. My sleep pattern is AWOL and my IBS has flared up”

Because of my job I speak to lots of people during the day and I must get asked over 20 times daily how I am.  Almost 100% of the time I don’t give a real answer. I mean, obviously it’s not appropriate to tell a colleague you barely know about your IBS issues, but I think that the balance definitely needs to shift back the other way. We hear people say that “it’s ok not to be ok”, me included, but I still find myself not being honest in my answers. I am not sure why that is really? 

So if you have got all the way to the end of this post, promise me that the next time a friend or close colleague asks you how you are – you will tell them – be honest and I am positive you will feel just a little bit better and it will be worth it. 

G x 

I got a Tattoo!!

So as you an see above, I got a tattoo. which is something I have been considering for a few years on and off and even when a few weeks before our holiday I erring on the side of getting one done, I was still going back and forth. 

However on the day I decided definitely yes, which was about 11:30am, by 15:00 it was done and dusted. I had googled previous English speaking tattoo shops in Barcelona and luckily enough there was a highly recommended one about 5 minutes walk from our hotel, namely Oxytocina here:

On arrival we had a great welcome from the owner and the consultation was easy as, apart from the fact it was done in English, they clearly knew their stuff. I took in my own design and the gave me a little advice on sizing and placement (I originally wanted it on my foot, but was advised that it might not last as long, so I switched to my arm), and then before I knew it, I was sat having it done. 

It took about an hour altogether and just 10-15 minute to do the actual tattoo. It didn’t really hurt (maybe 2/10) and I was THRILLED with the result. It’s quite a delicate tattoo, which was exactly what I wanted and I couldn’t recommend Oxytocina highly enough. 

My insta explains the meaning behind me having YNWA on my arm and do you know what’s cool. Last year (2017) M had a “Forever Stone” laid at Liverpool’s ground, Anfield which also has a similar inscription…. 

In fact, I filmed a VLOG for my YouTube Channel about it all too:



Ready for a Break | Life Update

I am very lucky in that my life isn’t tough, I’ve a job, a house and lovely husband – things could be worse. But despite all this, I really am ready for a break. I’ve been working very hard on a massive project at work and we worked out the other day, that M and I haven’t been away together for a whole week since Portugal in 2016. It’s time.

Working without a break for an extended period really takes its toll on me and the closer I am getting to this break, the more exhausted I feel. I don’t know about you, but it can take me a couple of days to unwind when I finish work, but when I do it’s a lovely feeling. M has the ability to immediately switch off and to be honest, during holiday time, is the only time he properly sleeps!

We are actually off to Barcelona and I’m excited as everyone we have mentioned it to have said how lovely it is! My only genuine worry is eating out as I need to be careful with my Lactose Intolerance. But I think with Google Translate and an app I found called Happy Cow, (great for finding Vegan cafes) I suspect I won’t have a problem. 😀.

I would joe love to hear any tips you have for Barcelona – please do comment below with recommendations.

G x

Things I realised when I turned 40 | Life Update

I turned 44 in June, so I am not sure if that qualifies as “mid-forties” but I am certainly past 40, they are all just numbers, so who cares? BUT…. it’s very true for me that I care so much less than I did what other think about me, I worry more what I think about myself. As long as I feel good about what I’m doing, then I trust my own judgement. 

So I thought I would put together a list of things that have occured to me in the last few years… can you relate? 

  • I might be 44 physically, but in my head I am somewhere in my late 20s. 
  • At a certain point in life, there is one 2 o’clock in the day. If I am seeing 2am, I am either poorly or worrying. 
  • I can ask any woman my own age for painkillers and she will fish at least one option out of her cavernous bag. 
  • And before you ask, I don’t all carry tweezers (every couple of months someone at works has some sort of tiny emergency and asks all the women if they have some 👀) 
  • I will crane my neck to have a good nosy in someone’s house when I walk past if their lights are on and the curtains are open. 
  • For a while – I became obsessed with Rightmove. 
  • I started a job recently, where my colleagues’ average age was 27 – which was the same number of years I had been working. 
  • I always grab every opportunity to go for a wee when I am out – like some sort of incontinent weirdo. 
  • I still think of 1990 was about 10 years ago. 
  • Some people in my life will always been slightly unhappy, and I will just have to deal with that. 
  • Some people will also not listen to any advice and do their own thing, no matter what. And that’s ok. 
  • I am pretty awesome, even on the days when I tell myself I’m not. 
  • It’s important to be kind to people – you really do never know what someone is going through. 
  • You don’t need permission. 
  • Swim in your own lane. 
  • Social media is all a lie – a highlight reel. 
  • Love is real. 

Natural Hair Stage 1 | Grombre

So in my last post I talked about whether or not to go grey. I have been thinking about this a lot and typically I have started to notice SO many people whose hair is at various stages of grey or white. I think that the biggest change for me will be to see my hair in its natural state. I have literally been colouring my hair since I was 15 years old so honestly have no idea what it will be like once the dye grows out.

The first thing though, was to go and see my hairdresser to see if there was anything we could do to ease me into the transition – the short answer was yes, but also no. My hair has a red dye on it and so my hairdresser suggested that we strip that our and put something a little flatter on it in terms of colour to help things blend a little.

As you can see from these pictures, my hair does grow quite quickly and so I think within a year, I should have seen significant progress, I might even been entirely dye free! 😍 I think my hair is the most grey on top and most noticeable around my parting, but at the back I think it’s still fairly dark. I guess I will find out.

I plan to document how it goes, if only for my own sanity if nothing else. A whole new world. I personally think I will look like Storm from the Marvel comics…


G x

Shall I Go Grey? | Life Update

“Shall I Go Grey?” is not a question, I imagine, many men outside of show business EVER ask themselves. They just DO go grey and that is the end of that. But it’s a question that has popped into my mind of late.

Mum aged 39.

I myself have been going grey since my early twenties, taking after my mum, who started with a small tuft of grey at the front of her hair that slowly spread backwards. I have actually been colouring my hair since I was 15 and I’ve had it every shade of red, brown and black that you can think of. I even went blonde once, but it turned yellow and I looked like someone from the Simpsons…. post a photos you say. erm NO.

Recently though, I’ve got a bit bored with constantly having to colour my hair, I am sure it does it no good and so I have honestly thought about stopping. Of course, the internet was the first place I thought to consult about this decision, which naturally led me to Instagram and in particular to the grombre account, which champions women who go grey early:

All the women featured on there look fantastic and I have to be honest, this does spur me on. Of course I do have some concerns…

  • Will I look old. Not older… but OLD?
  • Will I be able to wait it out until my whole head is grey before I cave and dye it?
  • Will people judge me?
  • What if I hate it?

But one thing I always try to do in life is give things a go. So I might speak to a local hairdresser about a transition plan so maybe it’s not such a tough adjustment for me, but then I might just go for it. If I do hate it, I will just stop.

Also, the colour of my hair doesn’t define who I am! It doesn’t even define my age. I’m almost 44 and basically a girl who laughs at fart jokes. The lack of pigmentation in my curls doesn’t change that one bit.

Tally Ho!!

Gill x