Bents Does Christmas

Yes, Yes, I know it’s too early and Yes, Yes, I know I am breaking my own rule about keeping Christmas in December, but yanno – it’s so pretty….

So on Saturday, after we went to Pennington Flash, we decided to go somewhere for a nice cup of tea. As it was fairly late in the day, we decided to go to Bents Garden and Home. Not so much a Garden Centre but a MASSIVE garden centre/cafe/housewares/supermarket/toy store/gift shop/furniture and pet shop!

But we didn’t get to the tea for a while once we arrived as they are fully bedecked for Christmas, which I STILL think is too early for me, but I guess for retailers, it makes sense. Either way, I got too giddy and took some photos of their stuff –

As you can see from the photos, there was a tiny break in the Christmas adornments for the odd pumpkin and decorative apple, but mostly it was all about the tree and the lights. I did treat myself to a large frosted candle holder as well as some twinkly lights for my dressing table. Overall a very good visit Β – oh and the tea was good too – eventually. πŸ™‚

Gill x


Oh wow, so I am pretty excited to share this with you – but we have finally finished our snug. We call it our “snug” but it’ actually the top floor of our house and technically it’s supposed to be our master bedroom. However, we had other ideas… 

We have been using it for storage since we moved in, but we have decided to finally get some furniture and make it into a proper room… I filmed a video to show you – but first her are some pictures:

and if you want to see it all in real life…. 

We are so chuffed with it… πŸ™‚

G x 


So yesterday we took delivery of a brand new mattress and let me tell you, it was NOT before time. We have thought we needed a new one for a while and I wasn’t convinced, but after 5 days on the lovely, comfy beds in Anglesey and one uncomfortable night back at home, my mind was made up. 

So we went shopping and found ourselves in “Dreams” which is a national bed and mattress shop and I was AGHAST at the flipping prices of things. Mattresses started at Β£400 and went right up to Β£2,500!!!!  Dreams also have a new campaign which advises that you should change your mattress every 8 years and seeing as we have had ours 17 years.. then maybe our purchase was  a little overdue. 

Anyway, the mattress was delivered yesterday and Dreams charged us Β£38 for delivery and “installation” – utter bunkum…. two lads took it upstairs and plopped it on the divan base. But all looked good and I made the bed and thought I would have a glorious night’s sleep – I couldn’t have been more wrong πŸ™ 

However, the sleep I had – or didn’t have, was nothing to do with the new bed arrangements, it was simply that the bad dreams that have plagued my slumber since mum died, returned in abundance last night. 2 dreams, one about me losing my hair and another one where people keep coming to me to tell me mum has died, and it feeling like I am hearing the news afresh each time. 

I was subsequently awake on and off all night and eventually got up early for a shower. Ho hum.

Let’s hope the day improves. πŸ™‚ 

G x 

p.s. the new mattress was VERY comfy and well worth the money  – sometimes, you do get what you pay for. 


So we are a little excited in our little house as M finally picked up his new car this week!!!! He has waited so long and I have had 2 new cars whilst he has kept the same old Citroen and then of course we moved house and so this has been a LONG time coming. 

He has got himself and Audi A1 and I couldn’t be prouder of him. I won’t go in to the reasons why on here, but just know, he deserves this SOOO much.. I flipping love the car too – a real sexy beast!! Lol. 

and then of course there is the very fancy Parking Assist…

Cool AF!!!!

p.s. apropos of nothing – we went to get a new mattress today as our is 17 YEARS OLD!!! And man ALIVE they are expensive…. had to take out a small mortgage to get something half way decent!!! Still #1stworldproblems  eh

Love G x

p.s. feel a bit sad today… I think the sad Grey A episode affected me more than I thought…. 


So today we were supposed to be starting to sort out our top floor, which still doesn’t have much furniture in it. We have lived in our house for over a year, but the top floor wasn’t really a priority as we wanted to get the garden sorted first. 

Now the garden is done (yay), we do feel the need to re-direct our attention, especially as Miss Fox is coming to stay in just over in just over 7 weeks. I don’t think that we will be able to get everything we need still maybe after Christmas, but I am sure we can get a few bits to make it feel a little more homey before she comes. 

Our go-to shop for house furniture is generally IKEA and I have to admit, whilst I LOATHE the actual shop `(too big, no windows, no way out), the furniture is really very lovely… We really like this sofa:

Nockeby Sofa from Ikea

Nockeby Sofa from Ikea

Like I said, not sure we can get it straight away, but in the meantime, we have been doing some measuring to try and weigh up where things will go and if they will fit. 

I feel like our top floor is that undiscovered part of our new house and it’s exciting to start to think about getting things sorted up there. 

In other news, it’s a bank holiday weekend and so far things have been pretty.. well a bit rubbish if  I am being dead honest. Grief will do that do you, just catch up with you, just when you think you are feeling ok. I woke up feeling a bit grumpy for no apparent reason, and I have never been more ready for a break – bring on our hollibobs – a little over a week to go. 

Right then, I think it might be time to break into Greys Anatomy Season 11 – will it be the same without Christina Yang? I’ll let you know…

G x 


So first of all, I blogged the other day that our boiler was on the fritz, and today saw the 3rd engineer coming to take a look. He was from Ideal, who is the boiler manufacturer and he had come from Ulverston in Cumbria (2 hour drive) and he was BRILLIANT! He was thorough, polite and eventually found the problem – albeit after another 2 hours.

It turns out that a few tiny polystyrene balls (we think from the original build) were stuck in a gas valve messing up the gas/air flow coming into the house. Once he got rid of them, all sorted. He was great and I was glad he sorted it, because at one point, he was going to have to turn the gas off to the entire house!! Phew.

Second of all, my Dad is away with my sister and her family at the moment and it seems that on Day 1 – my dad managed to break himself!  I will spare you the gory details, but lets just say… Playing on the beach, paramedics, much blood, leg bandage. When I got the text from my sister, is scared the life out of me – we went through SO much with mum, that I couldn’t bare it if anything happened to my dad. 

Thankfully though, he is OK and I know my sister will look after him. Phew. 

Third of all today was the progress we are really making with our garden. We finally planted the extra plants we got nearly 2 weeks ago and I have to be honest, I am really very pleased with how it’s all looking. I think though for now, we aren’t going to plant anything else, giving what we have planted time to bed in and grow a little. 

M and I both find our garden a really relaxing place and the trees and park that surround us, make the whole thing feel like we are in the middle of the countryside. OK, that’s enough gloating…. but  well, seeing as you asked, here are the photos…

It pleases me so greatly, as I am not a natural gardener and I am learning as I go along… I mean, who doesn’t love flowers???

G x 


So I decided to do a whole weekend vlog… Enjoy G x 


So I just thought I would fill you into a long on-going situation we have with Scottish Power. It is a very very long story but the main crux of the matter is, due to an error made by Scottish Power on our (non-existent) account, we haven’t paid for any gas or electric since we moved into our new house almost a year ago! The prΓ©cised timeline goes something like this:

  • June 2014 – moved into our brand spanking new house and told by the developer that our energy provider would be Scottish Power. Meter serial numbers and readings taken by developer and we were told they would be passed onto SP who would in turn get in touch with us. 
  • August 2014 – we had heard nothing, so I started to make calls to SP without success. Sometimes getting through, other times not. But when I did manage to speak to someone, I was told that our account first HAD been set up and then a couple of weeks later that it hadn’t. 
  • September 2014 – After a few more calls it seemed that an account had been set up and so I paid Β£100 onto the account so that we didn’t get a huge bill. When I checked that the payment had been applied, I realised the wrong meters and readings were on our account. 

    It seemed that the problem was that the wrong meters had been registered to our address and the ones that they thought were at our house, were actually at number 12. They told us that it could take a while to rectify, but they would do it for us asap. I asked for the Β£100 back, but they said they couldn’t do it as the account was in such query. 

  • I hadn’t heard anything by October/November, so I complained to the Ombudsman. 
  • In January 2015 The Ombudsman agreed a set of actions that Scottish Power had to complete to resolve our account issue, including us not being financially disadvantaged by their error. 
  • June 2015 – Scottish Power have STILL not resolved our issue and they just send us a letter once a month to apologize and to say they will be in touch when they have sorted things out. 

A report was issued last year as Scottish Power were failing their customers so badly that the government nearly intervened to stop them selling to new customers. Actually, I have just checked and in March 2015 they were banned from selling to new customers for 12 days as they had failed to resolve customer complaints. This isn’t really news to me,  as despite my complaint to the ombudsman, it seems that they a have been unable to resolve a seemingly simple database entry error in nearly 12 months!

The explanation given to me, is that right about the time that we moved, Scottish Power offered voluntary redundancies and lots of experienced staff took it. At the same time, SP implemented a brand new computer system and had problems migrating data. So all this coupled with inexperienced staff meant that apparently, things went totally tits up! 

I understand this might have been a nightmare in 2014 whilst they trained people up and got things sorted, but no resolution even now? It’s 6 months since the Ombudsman gave them the actions and I find it unbelievable that they haven’t sorted it out before now. 

However, I suppose I have had free gas & electric for a year, which I reckon has cost SP over Β£1000. OH well, their loss. 

G x