My week in Salford (and lovely things to come)

As you know I have been working away in London for the last 5 weeks trying to get my head around a new computer system in order to train hundreds of Prince’s Trust staff how to use it. Well this week, that training started in earnest when I trained some of our staff alongside the lovely Laura from Dundee. I had the first day jitters initially, but by the second day they settled down and we ended up having a really good couple of days.

I have been doing IT Training for about 15 years on and off, but this is the first time I have ever trained people on a system I didn’t know inside out. But the fact that it seemed to go ok and the feedback was good, has given me so much confident that I feel good about the sessions I am doing solo next week.

Actually, next week sees me going to Leicester for the week and as I have never been I am interested to see what it’s like. I am going on my own, which means 4 x nights in the Ibis Leicester, but I am back on Thursday night so it’s not too bad.

Also, this weekend is our last “free” weekend before the Christmas hoopla kicks in.. namely:

So lots to look forward to and I think that this weekend I might pick up my vlogging camera. I have really neglected my YouTube Channel over the last couple of months due to work things but as Christmas approaches and VLOGMAS tickles my creativity – I think it’s time to start filming.

Happy days!

G x

Newton Community Centre 30th Gala Dinner

We have lived in Newton-le-Willows now for 3 and a half years and last night, we have never felt more part of a community. My lovely friend Fiona is the chair of Newton Family & Community Centre and she invited M and I to a Gala Dinner last night, which was the finale to their 30th year celebrations.

This community centre is a special place and in case you didn’t know, just over 2 years ago, it was under threat of closure due to lack of funding. The committee shouted out to the community for help to raise £10,000 to keep their doors open and the community responded in spades or actually in pounds sterling.

The money was raised and the best thing about it, was that since then, the centre has been award £250,000 from Big Lottery which is simply AMAZING and they really are going from strength to strength.  So you can imagine, when Fiona asked if I would bring my camera, I jumped at the chance to capture what was a really special night!

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I danced the night away and even had a catch up with an old school friend. Really a top top night. Thanks and massive congratulations to all involved, we were thrilled to be invited.

G x

Women’s Institute: A bumpy start

I blogged in January, that I have joined the local Women’s Institute. For the most part, it’s been a total joy, with me meeting up once a month with some like minded women who I previously only knew from Twitter or not at all, so all should be good right? Well yes and no.

A couple of weeks before the March meeting, there started to be some rumblings of unhappiness amongst some of the members, with a few things posted on the dreaded Facebook page which left a bitter taste in my mouth. I totally understand people might disagree with certain things, but not sure FB is the place to bring them up. The unhappy members also tried to put in a vote of no confidence against the committee and the President, citing that they “had a second on messenger”. This is (IMHO) simply wrong for many reasons, mainly being that FB is not the centre of the universe!!

The Lancashire Federation tried to intervene, but it didn’t really work and the March meeting itself was a couple of hours of awkward, uncomfortable standoffs, arguments and really nothing I thought the WI would be. It has all culminated in a change of committee and president and some of my lovely friends not attending.

You see in the middle of this, we have gathered a little group of ladies together that have a really good laugh. I even got us all together before the March meeting and we went out for Tea at The Oak Tree and it was fab 🙂 The recent dramas might mean that not everyone is into the WI like they first were and I don’t blame them. However, the meeting in April was so much calmer and whilst the talk wasn’t really my thing, the company was just as much fun.

Onwards and Upwards (hopefully)

G x