Scary Vet Visit | Pupdate

Scary Vet Visit | Pupdate
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We’ve had a rough couple of days. We adopted Daisy last year from @manchestercheshiredogshome, but she’s originally from Romania. Lately she’s been drinking more than usual and so when the vet checked her out, she told us that she suspected Daisy has a deadly disease she would have caught from a sandfly back in Romania 😫 She took some bloods to confirm and the 24hrs that followed were hell. Our little girl has only been with us for 8 months and it would have been unbelievably unfair to lose her so soon. But the good news is that she doesn’t have the awful disease however, she does have a poorly liver. We’ve got a biopsy, tablets and tests to get through, but we are much less worried. But WOW that was quite a sucker punch! #adoptdontshop #rescuedog #rescuedogsofinstagram #patterdaleterrier #ilovemydog

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No need for the heating this winter! | Lifestyle

No need for the heating this winter! | Lifestyle

There really is no denying it for me this week, I am definitely experiencing menopause. I blogged not too long ago that I had suspected something was happening, but symptoms have ramped up somewhat which left me in no doubt!

My symptoms over the last few months have been anxiousness, inability to cope with some things as well some things I am STILL not comfortable sharing. I visited the GP and got myself some HRT- so far the following things have happened:

I have experienced some wicked hot flushes. For me, not so much sweaty but just some serious HEAT…. I feel like a super hero that could vent the heat from my hands and feet (where I feel it the most) like some sort of bipedal blow torch!

The ways I have been combatting the heat is cool pads from the freezer, a huge fan and doors and windows all open. Poor M isn’t too frozen just yet, but god help him if this continue past Autumn!

But the good news is that my mood has definitely improved and I think I am lucky in that it coincided with me changing jobs to work for Addaction (which is going great). M has mentioned that I seem happier and I know I certainly feel much better .

Also, the unmentionable thing has improved (enough said) and randomly, I think my hair is in better condition – which I don’t know if it’s linked to the HRT or the fact that I stopped dying in last year and it’s slowly recovering??

Either way, HRT isn’t for everyone, but for me I am definitely expereicing more benefits than side effects.

I still feel WAAAY to young to be experiencing something that I previously thought of as being 5-7 year aways, but it is what it is. I told someone recently that it had started and she did say that by the time it was over for me, people my age might just be starting… so I guess that’s a good thing!

One thing I do know, is that having grey hair and experiencing menopause doesn’t make me old, and even if it did, is that such a bad thing? I really do believe that age is just a number and getting older is a privilege. I am simply in a new phase…. I have even found another brilliant Instagram account to follow… what’s not to like? May I introduce the Jane MccCann, the Australian Middle Aged Goddess:

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I felt a little flat this morning 😔 The news, cancer, mental illness, stress – not mine but those around me. When I was a young thing galavanting around town I cheered myself up by drinking, smoking and other assorted party tricks 🤫 These days I cheer myself up by dancing in the kitchen, singing badly to you beautiful folk and watching astrology/tarot predictions on YouTube (@shebeartarot is my fave ⭐️). The fella said to me the other week that he was worried that maybe he was boring 🤦🏼‍♀️ and that I should be out a few nights week living it up 😳 I was like dude do you even know me? 😂 I’m happiest at home, with my boys, the dog and him. It’s easy on Instaland to sometimes feel like you’re missing out but let me reassure you that the more simple life is the happier you will be. It’s not complicated 😁 So tell me Goddesses what do you do when you’re feeling a little run over by life? Let’s inspire each other ✌🏽 Jane x #tonedeaf #dontcare #singwithjoy #doobiebrothers #whatafool #70s #dance #sing #moveyourbody #laugh #joy #mentalhealth #ruok #thegoddesschronicles #middleagedgoddess tunes by @doobiebrothersofficial 🙌🏽

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G x

Oh hello 45, have you got something to tell me? | Dear Diary

Oh hello 45, have you got something to tell me? | Dear Diary

I turned 45 at the end of June and I sort of realised something weird was definitely happening to me. I suspected it hard started about a year ago, but was sort of sent away from the GP with a “let’s monitor things”. What am I wanging on about? Well yes, I think I have started the menopause….

Part of me wasn’t suprised, but part of me was, as I assumed this would have been years off for me, well at least another 5?!

But if you have been reading this blog for a while, you will know that I had a hysterectomy in 2011 and this may have altered my timeline. I did keep my ovaries in the op which mean I didn’t got into an immediate menopause, but things I have read since, have told me that the hysterectomy might have made me “go” a little earlier.

In my family, my mum had a hysterectomy in her early 30s and experienced her menopause at the end of her 30s. So I’m a little late by those standards.

The difficulty for me is that I haven’t had a period since 2011 and so it’s more difficult to tell exactly what has been happening to me. For the last year or so, I have been experiencing some very mild night heat/hot flushes with some anxiety and ability to cope with things along with some more other symptoms I am not completely comfortable sharing online.

But in the 6 weeks or so, I have noticed the symptoms significantly increase and become much more noticable. I am constantly hot and this has increased at night. I still have some concentration issues, as well as motivationally feeling like a sloth.

Some of these things can’t totally be blamed on the menopause, as I have been THROUGH it with work stuff this year, but overall I have felt all shades of odd.

So about 2 weeks ago, I went to the GP and asked for a blood test to see if we could confirm that I hard started the menopause as one of my Twitter friends had experienced similar symptoms and her GP had given her a test to confirm perimenopause and I wanted a bit of that. But my GP, apparently did not. 😳

Apparently my GP’s guidance is that they treat the symptoms and don’t bother with a test. The upshot of that is that she wrote me a prescription for Hormone Replacement Therapy, commonly known as “HRT”. I have to say my GP was a bit rubbish there wasn’t so much of discussion more of a blood pressure and weight check and lots of us sitting in silence whilst she typed into her computer. Not a great experience.

She then wrote me a prescription for a drug which she then told me I was unlikely to be able to get as there was general shortage of the pill itself. Cue me 20 minutes later back at the doctors reception desk, as predicted, the chemist didn’t stock the HRT. When I did get a new prescription, it was my birthday weekend and so I didn’t go to a new pharmacist for about 10 days upon which time I did manage to get some pills. However when I got them home and read the patient leaflet, it says not to take them if you have lactose intolerance. Ahem.. guess what I have. Grrrrr.

But I have decided to take the pills for the first time this week as I am working from home and so if I do have a reaction, as least I will be in safe place.

Anyway, I will let you know how it goes and if my symptoms decrease. A whole new chapter for me. Let’s just hope the tablets help control my temperature, otherwise I might have to hire myself out as a mobile heater!

G x

Community Centre Means the World | Newton-le-Willows

Community Centre Means the World | Newton-le-Willows

This might be an actual local blog for local people (10 points if you caught the League of Gentlemen reference) but I honestly had to write a post today about my local Community Centre….

Newton Family & Community Centre is based in my local area and is the most amazing resources for local residents. When I moved to Newton in 2014 it was struggling and in fact put an SOS as they had to raise £10,000 to stop the centre from closing. Well thanks to a lot of hard work and kind donations, the money (and then some) was raised and the centre was saved.

Due to the this success, the centre then put in for and crucially WON, a huge Big Lottery bid for enough money to keep the centre going for 3 years. Brilliant eh… So when I was asked by the chair of the management committee to get involved, I couldn’t really say no.

So I am proud to say that I am now on the management committee of the centre and I can’t wait to get stuck in!

The centre recently had it’s yearly review and celebration and as part of their Big Lottery funding report, they decided that instead of not only writing down their achievements, they would commission a film to show people what they did too.. I love this, take a look:

So keep an eye out for the odd articles in the future as I can’t wait to show you what we get up to.

If you love your community, it will love you right back.

G x

Stressful 4 month ¦ Life Update

Stressful 4 month ¦ Life Update

OK, little re-cap. Until the end of February 2019 I worked for The Prince’s Trust, but after my commute had got ridiculous, I decided to leave for my local NHS Trust, which was 10 minutes away.

8 weeks into the new job, I quickly realised, that it wasn’t for me, and when I say 8 weeks, I mean 2, but I gave it another 6 just to make sure. So I started to look for another and I was lucky enough to find one at Addaction, which is a national addiction and mental health charity. Thrilled!!!

I handed my notice in at the NHS and they told me that despite me only working there for 8 weeks, I would have to work 8 weeks notice. You can imagine my face.

The sad thing is, I think it made me a bit depressed, not clinically maybe, but certainly very very fed up. It’s been soul destroying spending 8 hours, 5 days a week in a job that I seriously haven’t enjoyed. Also, the project I was employed to support hasn’t stopped, so I haven’t had a “quiet” 8 weeks, I’ve still had to attend meetings and deliver training with the same enthusiasm and pace, which to be honest, was much harder than it looked.

It’s been exhausting and I’ve suffered because of it. I’ve become a bit withdrawn from and in social engagements as I have used all my energy during the week pretending to be interested in my job.

Also, in my penultimate week, I found out that if I had stayed, I would have been TUPE’d over to the very NHS trust that I have hated working with. The whole thing has been a massive cluster f*ck.

The sad thing is, is that more recently I have been working solely within my lovely team and if it had been like that at the beginning, then I might not have even looked elsewhere. But I DO have a fab job to go to and have keep in communication during that 8 weeks and I can’t wait to start working for them.

But first, M and I are having a couple of days away in York to fully rest and relax. I can’t wait for that either!

Hope you’ve had a better 8 weeks than me.

Gill x

Dogfest 2019 | Pupdate

Dogfest 2019 | Pupdate

I have never been to a festival, Glastonbury and the like has never appealed to me, all the mud and grubby portaloos. No thanks. However, add in 1,000s of dogs, then YES PLEASE!!

Today we have been to DogFest which is basically a festival for dogs! Also, NO, I’m not kidding! There are 3 a year, with one of them being in the North West of England at Tatton Park here:

I bought tickets a while ago and this morning when we rocked up about 20 minutes before the gates opened, there were probably already 50-100 people queing to get in! The gates opened at 9:30am and by that time there were another 50 people waiting and when I said “people” I mean dog owners and their dogs. Every single person that we saw had a dog with them and it was GLORIOUS!

There was lots going on and even appearances by TV presenter Claire Balding and Noel “Super Vet” Fitzpatrick at various points during the day.

There were hundreds of stalls selling most things you could want for a canine friend as well as A Big Top, Flyball, Dog Agility, Hay bale races, Puppy training, Main Stage and a Show Ring.

People were walking round with the biggest smiles on their faces just marvelling at the wide variety of dogs shapes, sizes and breeds with hardly a growl between them.

Tatton is a HUGE park, so even though it was very busy, it never felt too cramped or claustrophobic. M and I have been to both Crufts and The Good Food Show at the NEC a few years ago but after a couple of hours both events felt much too crammed and stuffy. Not this event though, being outside definitely helped.

All the stall holders were in great moods and we even said hello to Reach Sled Dogs who appear in my Newton Town Show Video from 2016!

Daisy herself can sometimes get a bit timid in new situations and she is definitely not great in crowds where she is too “closed in”. She tends to jump up to me when she’s not feeling to comfortable, so I give he a little cuddle to reassure her everything is ok. Bless her.

Another cool thing we did was say hello to the lovely people at Cheshire Dogs Home (where we adopted Daisy from) who had a stall there and Daisy got a lovely cuddle from one of the Volunteers. She bent down, tickled Daisy’s head and said “You’ve fallen on your feet” and then looked at us and said “I’m talking to you guys”!! So right 😍

We finished our day by revisiting one of the first stalls we saw when we arrived as we got Daisy some well deserved treats. What an AWESOME day. Very well organised, lots of interesting things to see and do and SOOO many dogs to cuddle and look at. M said he would have liked slightly more variety in the stalls (we saw a million stalls selling leads and collars) but otherwise I would give it 9/10. Fantastic day out.


p.s. we timed our visit perfectly as 10 minutes after we left, the heavens opened! Phew.

p.p.s Daisy has been inspecting the inside of her eyelids in her new collar ever since we got home!

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There is more that binds us together than keeps us apart | Dear Diary

There is more that binds us together than keeps us apart | Dear Diary
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