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Wow! We have finally done it, we have dog, well a beautiful cockapoo puppy we have named Daisy. She has been in our home for almost two weeks and, well man ALIVE it has been quite hard. I mean wonderful, but SOOO Tiring.

We knew it would be hard work, but not ever really prepared for just how much! Having a puppy for us so far has been like having a toddler in the house, but one that wants to chew and bite everything, is teething and is incontinent! 😱

We of course trawled the internet for advice about how to start looking after her as well as asking various lovely friends what they did and how they coped. Us mining for help and advice was a blessing and a curse as even though everyone’s advice is very good, it can vary and I have to say for the first 48 hours we floundered in relative chaos.

However, after a couple of days we settled on a few small “rules” to start us off. Basically:

  • Take her outside every hour on the hour for a potty break during the day.
  • Big “potty party” every time she wees or poos outside, i.e. lots of praise and cuddles.
  • No big deal if she has an accident indoors.
  • Bed at 11:00 and outside every 2 hours during the night till 07:00.
  • Feed her twice a day, once around 07:30 and again about 18:00

So as you can see, that’s pretty full on. M and I were shattered as Daisy is teething and so wants to bite and chew everything. Also, everything in our house is new and so she wants to sniff and explore every inch. We have had to move everything out of the way so that an interested Daisy cannot grab it.

She wasn’t able to go out at first as she only had her final injection 4 days after she arrived and couldn’t go out for another week after that. This led to us all being a bit stir crazy, but one other bit of fab advice we had was to flood the floor with toys for her to chew. This did help to re-direct any unwanted chewing or mouthing. Which was a lot!

Almost two weeks in we aren’t letting her out every hour, but mostly after a big sleep, big play, food and if we think that she is indicating at the door. We just try to limit the chances of her having accidents in the house. She is doing great, not totally clear of accidents yet, but this is one area that’s going well.

The one where we are still struggling with is the crate. One universal bit of advice is that dog’s do best if they are crate trained. Daisy wouldn’t go in it at all at first, then we started to feed her in there as well as place her water there too. She now will go in and will tolerate a little bit of time with the door shut, but then she gets agitated and starts to cry (which I could cope with ) but then she also starts to bite the door and get distressed. She also pulls her bed out of the crate constantly, so the crate training isn’t going great. We’ve just got to keep going.

But Daisy is in fact a puppy, a baby and maybe we aren’t doing too bad. Maybe she will never take to the crate? But one thing I can tell you, she is 100% cute – show you some photos… well ok then!


Barbecues and Birthdays

So today has been a day of two halves, the first half saw us in Widnes helping M’s sister to celebrate her birthday by way of a barbecue and the second half saw us in the garden catching some sun and barbecuing.

Awesome afternoon!

I felt OK at the birthday do this morning, well for a little while and I then I sort of run  out of social juice and really just wanted to come home. 

I had a nap when we got home and M went out to our local farm shop to get some meat to cook for tea  – which was delicious by the way. 

I also had to go an introduce myself to one of our neighbours as we noticed a hole in their roof! Seeing as our houses are only maybe a year old, it’s a bit of a bugger. Hopefully the builder Taylor Wimpey will fix it for them. 

Anyway, we are just watching “Into the Woods” which is musical fairytale with James Corden, Anna Kendrick and Meryl Streep. It’s quite an unusual film, a bit darker and weirder than I thought it might be. 

What will tomorrow bring?

G x 

The Day of 2 Videos

So, I’ve had quite a busy day today, having been in Blackpool this morning and Ormskirk this afternoon. As you can tell, today is a day of 2 videos,  the first one being of the view  at the top of Parbold Hill:

I saw this when I was on my way between appointments and how could I not stop?! There were quite a few people already parked up in the layby, so I think I was very lucky to get a space. Lovely. 

I got home about 15:30 and then jumped onto the laptop to do some work. I was just looking out of the french doors at the birds and I spotted a little hedgehog on the lawn who came to visit. Cue video number 2!

I didn’t want to frighten him, but he was SOO cute, I just had to go outside and have a closer look. 

Anyway, I think M and I might go out for tea tonight, depending on how he feels when he gets in. Roll on Bank Holiday weekend I say! I know I had 3 weeks off work and have barely been back a week, but lets face it, it wasn’t exactly a restful time was it? 

I still feel a bit weird about things, but don’t feel as sad, as often about mum. Dad is still struggling I think and who can blame him? They were together for 45 years and she has only been dead just over 3 weeks! I think it was a culture shock for him when we all went back to work and of course the day is very long if you’ve not got something to do, although to be fair, he is keeping himself reasonably busy. 

I myself am feeling about 7/10. I am having weird dreams and my sleeping pattern has not yet returned to normal and maybe a couple of times a day, I think about mum & start to miss her loads. Life does carry on it’s true, but I can’t help thinking about all the up and coming things that Mum is no longer going to be a part of. That thought makes me really sad. So yes 7/10.

G x 

Ashes, Breakfast & Stevie G

So today is a day where a few things are happening. We have been this morning to have mum’s ashes buried at St James (C of E) church yard in Haydock. So here’s the thing…I used to go to church regularly when I was younger, up until I was about 18, but then I discovered the pub and boys and stopped. So now the whole religious thing is really NOT my thing and I don’t hold with God, or Jesus or anything to do with the afterlife. I’m not spiritual and basically I think, once your are dead, then thats it.

But for a variety of reasons, we had to have a religious committal today, in order for mum’s ashes to be near her mum & dads ashes. It was ok and M and I really just went to support dad. I really just wanted to look around the church.

We then went for breakfast at a pub in Ashton In Makerfield and just spent a bit of time together. It is actually mum’s birthday today, she would have been 69. So if nothing else, we can remember her today and I am sure the garden of remembrance will give dad some comfort.

Steven Gerrard

Today is also a big day for M as Steven Gerrard, Liverpool’s captain, is playing his last game at Anfield. He’s played for LFC since 1998 and is a complete Liverpool legend. Michael’s mum & dad are coming to watch and Barbara is bring in a buffet for half time. What’s not to like?

Right then, before all that, I am off to Specsavers to pick up my new glasses and prescription sunglasses. Rock and roll. Rock and roll.


G x

Good Day

So today I’ve had a better day. I was up early to wait in for the washing machine repair man (washer drum is broken) and after a small nap, I felt ready to rock and roll. 

So here’s what I did; 

  • Mowed and raked the back lawn
  • Mowed and raked the front lawn
  • Filled the bird feeders up
  • Called the garage up to book my car in for repair (unsuccessfully) 
  • Called my dad to come for washing
  • Dad came and we chatted for a while


  • Put up our new washing line!!!!!  

I was especially pleased with my washing line as I had to drill my very first pilot hole. Wanna see??


I am such a nerd ? but do I care?! 

G x  

I’ve signed up to Shine!

OMFG! I have signed myself up for the Cancer Research Shine Night Walk on the 26th September 2015, which is a full walking marathon! 

I was motivated to do this for 2 reasons…

  1. I watched the Manchester 10k this afternoon and events like this never fail to inspire me. 
  2. I wanted to do something in memory of mum and whilst running isn’t my thing, I really like walking and so this event is a perfect fit.

M and I did the Shine Manchester Marathon (walking) in 2011 and it was really bloody hard, but the pain of that has faded and now more than ever, it seems like the right time. By my reckoning, I have got about 4 1/2 months to train myself from being about to walk comfortable about 2-3 miles to 10 times that many. Phew. I must be mad. 

Anyway, if you do fancy sponsoring me, you can do so by giving the button below a click!

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

To help me along, I am going to blog my training and progress and so you can follow it all with me. I know it’s going to be hard, but it can’t be any harder than what my mum went through. Can it?!

G x 

Politics R Us

So today is the day that our country has been anticipating for the last 6 weeks as the results of the general election are announced.  

Since 2010 we have lived with a coalition government between The Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats as no-one had an overall majority. However, this time the conservatives won outright.  

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a massive political expert or anything, but the general election hoopla does interest me, especially as he last time there was an election, the new government made so many cuts that I was made redundant. 

I basically think that most major politicians tell lies to the British public to appear to be doing the right thing. The expenses scandal of 2009 did their reputation no favours and it only confirmed for me what I already suspected. 



The Houses of Parliament
The Houses of Parliament

So on Friday 8th May, the United Kingdom is now governed by a Conservative majority and David Cameron is once again Prime Minister. Can’t say I’m too pleased about that, but I DID vote and that’s all I can do.  

G x  

Bittersweet Day

Oh what a day it has been. It’s my gorgeous husband’s birthday today, he is officially 42. It’s been such an odd day though as whilst we wanted to celebrate his birthday, it feels wrong to be jolly when it’s mum’s funeral tomorrow. 

We normally make a huge fuss for both our birthdays, well why not eh? So not being able to fully indulge has felt weird in lots of different ways. In the end we went for a small breakfast buffet with birthday cake but no singing or candles.  

We all clubbed together as a family and got him an Apple Watch, as when he tried one on in the Apple Store, he just LOVED it! It doesn’t ship until June, but this is him in the Apple Store! 

Giddy kipper
Giddy kipper

We have then just been to see dad and just stayed for while and had a chat. He has cleaned the house up beautifully ready for tomorrow and so everything is set. 

I wish I was set. My stomach is in knots and my IBS has taken a serious turn for the worse. I am dreading tomorrow and it still all doesn’t seem real. 

I hope M has had a good a day in some ways, but I know the whole thing has been very subdued. What else could we do?