Saturday Stuff

So today we were supposed to be starting to sort out our top floor, which still doesn’t have much furniture in it. We have lived in our house for over a year, but the top floor wasn’t really a priority as we wanted to get the garden sorted first. 

Now the garden is done (yay), we do feel the need to re-direct our attention, especially as Miss Fox is coming to stay in just over in just over 7 weeks. I don’t think that we will be able to get everything we need still maybe after Christmas, but I am sure we can get a few bits to make it feel a little more homey before she comes. 

Our go-to shop for house furniture is generally IKEA and I have to admit, whilst I LOATHE the actual shop `(too big, no windows, no way out), the furniture is really very lovely… We really like this sofa:

Nockeby Sofa from Ikea
Nockeby Sofa from Ikea

Like I said, not sure we can get it straight away, but in the meantime, we have been doing some measuring to try and weigh up where things will go and if they will fit. 

I feel like our top floor is that undiscovered part of our new house and it’s exciting to start to think about getting things sorted up there. 

In other news, it’s a bank holiday weekend and so far things have been pretty.. well a bit rubbish if  I am being dead honest. Grief will do that do you, just catch up with you, just when you think you are feeling ok. I woke up feeling a bit grumpy for no apparent reason, and I have never been more ready for a break – bring on our hollibobs – a little over a week to go. 

Right then, I think it might be time to break into Greys Anatomy Season 11 – will it be the same without Christina Yang? I’ll let you know…

G x 

Oo I do love a Box Set

Bradley Cooper with the Alias Cast
Bradley Cooper with the Alias Cast

So over the years M and I have really embraced the boxset and in a moment, I am going to try and list all the different series that we have watched. The first one we watched was Alias, which was a spy drama starring Jennifer Garner and the virtually unknown Bradley Cooper! I had started to watch it on late night Channel 4, but then it was cancelled so we bought it on DVD boxset – the rest is history….

We have watched some amazing drama and some brilliant comedy and I personally just love the way that after a long day you can be transported into another world and experience cities, characters and stories that just are fascinating. The best kind of drama for me, is one that makes you gasp with shock at the plot twist that comes from nowhere. LOVE IT!!!

The best pilot episode I have  EVER watched was Damages, which is legal/murder thriller starring Rose Byrne and Glenn Close. I don’t think I breathed properly thought the whole thing and I just thought the drama and suspense were brilliant!!!! 

My consistently favourite box-set is Greys Anatomy as is has never had an “off” series. Sometimes in a long running drama, there is a series that is little less dramatic than the rest… but Greys has never had that for me. I recommend it to EVERYONE and I’m not even a McDreamy fan! 

So now I am going to try and name the mammoth list of dramas that we have watched. Here goes:

  • Alias
  • Greys Anatomy
  • Nurse Jackie
  • The West Wing
  • House of Cards
  • Parks and Recreation
  • 30 Rock
  • ER
  • Sex and the City
  • 24
  • Breaking Bad
  • Damages
  • Studio 60 on the sunset strip 
  • Dexter `(M only – too gory for me)
  • The Mentalist
  • The Good Wife
  • Mad Med
  • The Wire
  • Girls
  • Scandal
  • Modern Family

So you can see that we have spent MANY hours watching some amazing TV switching a couple of years ago from physical DVD to downloads, usually from Apple TV. 

Almost exclusively the stuff we watch is American as I think the pace is often faster and the production MUCH slicker than British stuff, but I do have to give an honorary shout out to Luther starring Idris Elba, Spooks, which was loved muchly by M and of course the universally loved Downton Abbey…

Anyway, would love to hear any recommendations, comment below. 

G x