Harefield Coffee Barn

As a non drinker and a lover of cafe culture, it’s always great to find a new coffee shop destination and so I was very pleased to visit Harefield Coffee Barn.  It’s situated quite close to the M62 roundabout at Rainhill here:

Harefield have had a water gardens for quite a while and the coffee barn is a very recent addition. We actually visited for the first time a couple of weeks ago and then again more recently for my birthday breakfast. It’s a lovely place to visit for many reasons:

  1. Parking – it has plenty – always a bonus
  2. It’s beautifully light and airy inside
  3. They have waitress service
  4. There are many tables
  5. There are tables outside
  6. There is a nice view of local fields
  7. There are Alpacas

Yes, you did read that right, there are alpacas at the coffee barn and when we visited on my birthday, a team from America had just been over and shorn then. Very cute:


I have to say that the staff and service were polite and efficient and the food was lovely. My mother-in-law had quite a specific coffee order and they remembered how she liked it without any prompting. Now that is what I call good service.

Its a very calm and relaxing place to visit and you can very easily forget it’s just a stone’s throw from the busy motorway. The Alpacas helps. This post isn’t sponsored either, I just liked it there.

We will definitely be going back.

Gill  x


So today M and I went to our very favourite cafe  in Newton High Street for breakfast, namely ChouxChouxbedo. It’s owned by Janine and Wayne P and it’s simply a wonderful place to eat and drink. Dad joined us half way through as he came to drop off some jewellery that mum had left to me. It was nice to see him and it was also nice to talk about mum for a bit. 

Anyway, after our trip our I decided to take a few pictures of some of my favourite things on the High Street…. here you go:

There are also lots of other really interesting buildings and things,  so they might feature in future posts. But before I go, I have to tell you the food in CCBD is really very lovely and after our first visit over 18 months ago, it quickly became our favourite breakfast place with Kenyon Hall Farm and  Bents coming in a very close 2nd and 3rd. 

It’s so fab to be able to walk into the  High Street and have some cool things right on our doorstep. Right then, I have a secret project to start *nudge nudge* – so I’d best get to it! 

G x