Oh so tired

So I thought I would write a dead honest blog tonight. I try to remain positive and happy as a rule, but we all know sometimes it harder than others. I have to say, upfront, that I am definitely not sad, but I am very very tired.

As you might have seen in previous posts, I have been seconded into another role at work, which has seen me working away on and off since mid-October. I am now VERY familiar with the Travelodge and even the not so glorious Ibis in Leicester. I have also been working super hard on the new project and my 43 year old brain is a little fried. So the combination of the train journeys, many nights in hotels and the extra work, combined with my current commute to and from Manchester (anything from 40 minutes to 2 hours) I am ready for a good old rest.

I haven’t been able to get my ducks in a row to do VLOGMAS this year and I am sort of letting my YouTube channel stagnate.  I have made arrangements to do things and see friends with genuine intentions, but after long days and things, I just can’t be bothered. Tonight was one of those nights, when I couldn’t muster the energy to go to the WI Christmas party. I REALLY wanted to go, but I just couldn’t drag my weary butt  into the shower and I am not sure greasy hair and comfy pants is really all that Christmassy. 😫 Then of course there is the feeling again this year, that Christmas without mum, is just a little bit shitter.

BUT.  I have just one week to go until M and I finish for Christmas. 7 short days until I can switch off the alarm and call “job done” for 2017. Then we have got a lovely mini-break to Harrogate before the hoopla of Christmas kicks in and even a night away in Chester in between Christmas and New Year. So 7 sleeps until I can just actually sleep past 7:30am. I can’t bloody wait!

G x


94 days till Christmas

Too soon? OK yes, maybe it’s too soon to be talking about Christmas, but today is the Autumn Equinox, which google reliably informs me that today marks the day when the days and nights are the same length and from now on, the nights will get longer. Google also tells me that this isn’t really celebrated that much… can’t think why?!

I have also had confirmation today that when my new job starts in October, I will be spending most weekdays for the first month in London. This is a big deal for me and it’s as exciting as it’s daunting, but it does feel like and adventure. I have to admit, that I am going to miss my amazing M and it’s going to be odd having an adventure without him. But life and career moves forward and I am just going to have to put my big girl pants on and go with it.

So I will definitely update my blog and I might even VLOG a little to document my time in that there London,  I really just hope they can cope with my lovely Haydock accent!!



Had a good Christmas?

So finally VLOGMAS is over and we have entered that weird time between Christmas and New Year where no-one know what day it is and everyone feels just a little hung over or generally just knackered in my case. So how was your festive period? Did you cope?

Last Christmas for me wasn’t brilliant, it was the first time without mum and things where somewhat traumatic, but this year, with a little help from a few people, things turned out pretty well.

The turning point for me was deciding to not see my own family on Christmas Day. I know this sounds harsh, but let me explain. As a non-drinkers without children we usually spend Christmas visiting other people at their houses, with the record number of visits one year of 5. So this year we decided to put the following plan into place:

  1. Christmas Eve: My family came to us for the afternoon. I made a pan of Scouse and we played daft games. Our nieces danced all the dances and it looked something like this:
  2. Then on Christmas Day we had Christmas Dinner at Michael’s sister in Grappenhall.
  3. On Boxing Day we spent the afternoon at my sister’s house and then the evening at my mother-in-law’s house.

So it worked out that we spent loads of time with both M and I’s family equally, we didn’t end up running around like mad fools on Christmas Day and M and I both agreed that we had a lovely time. In fact, we took a photo that reminded me that there is still fun to be had within my own little family… we miss mum, but life has indeed carried on.

Hope you had a good one… G x



Well hello there on this very festive Christmas Eve. You might have noticed, but I have really been neglecting my blog over the last few weeks and this is mainly due to 2 reasons. 

Firstly, whilst some people’s jobs wind down for Christmas, mine tends to wind up and I end up being REALLY busy throughout December. Also secondly, I have been doing VLOGMAS this year and that has really taken up quite a lot of my time. 

Sidebar: If you aren’t familiar with VLOGMAS then this basically means that I have been filming every day during December, vlogging and taking my camera with me – showing people what I have been up to.

I am not sure many people have been watching my vlogs :-(, but I have enjoyed making them, so that’s all that matters…. err actually, that a huge lie. I wish each video had got 1M views and then I would get paid a lorry load of money from Google… ah well.. lol. 

If you would like to catch up with my VLOGMAS playlist, you can use this link to get involved: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLn1U4VUO4HZhOq8jHnMXe91Q7P_8QgXiV

But here’s just a little something to whet your appetite:

Hope you’ve had a good December, normal service will resume on here after Christmas. 

With love

Gill x 



Weatherby or Whitby

So you know when you book a much needed weekend away to a place you have stalked in Instagram and after a little research you believe to be lovely and a perfect place for a pre-Christmas get away… but then you book somewhere 68 miles away by accident?! Well yes, that.

You see, I had been looking at us visiting Whitby for a few months, after seeing some pictures of it on Instagram…

Hazel Spencer – Saw this and thought it belonged on here , steps down from Abbey at #Whitby. #View #Scenery

A photo posted by Im From Yorkshire (@imfromyorkshire) on

So I started to search for a spa hotel to stay at and somewhere along the line my stupid brain thought that Weatherby and Whitby where the same place and so I booked for us to stay at The Bridge Hotel in Weatherby. It took me 3 days to realise what I had done and had to send an apologetic text to M – who didn’t seem the slightest bit bothered. Phew!

We will perhaps visit Whitby another time, but for now we have got a little break to look forward to in-between finishing work and Christmas Day. It can’t come soon enough – in fact the end of this year can’t come soon enough for me….

G x


I’m sat here in the 27th is December revelling in a post-Christmas glow. M and I are really enjoying a relaxing few days after what has been a very hectic and stressful few month and year overall. We both got some great Christmas pressies and I am actually writing this blog from my new iPad mini. Aren’t I a lucky girl….

The best part of all was my mum being home from hospital for Christmas and being able to be out at my sisters for Boxing Day. Her lengthy stay in hospital and cancer treatment have taken its toll on her, but she is cancer free and home. That’s the best pressie ever!