A Fox in the UK

So, I haven’t blogged for a little while, but that’s mainly because we have had a visitor!! Oh yes, much excitement Chez Gilliblogs as our lovely lovely friend Miss Elizabeth Fox visited us. In the late 90s M used to live and work in Alabama, USA and whilst he was there he made such good friends, that we still see each other now. One of those friends is Elizabeth and even though we don’t see each other much, via the wonder of iMessage, email and social media, we do keep in touch. 

We went to the US for my 40th last year and spent a wonderful week staying with her and then earlier this year she decided to go on a trip to Paris with her mum and niece for a week and then come and see Cornwall and us for her second week!

I vlogged a little whilst she was here and so I will include those below and we did have the most fabulous time. We took her to The Lake District on Thursday, Liverpool on Friday, had a chill day with dinner at M’s mums and then we went to Tatton Park on Sunday. It was all over far too quickly and before we knew it, M was taking Elizabeth back to the airport on Monday morning. 

It made me so happy to see her and a little bit sad that such a good friend is on the other side of the Atlantic ocean…. But we DID have a blast and she was of course our 1st official house guest….. Happy Days – we will just have to get saving so we can go out and see her again soon. 

Woo Hoo!!! Here are my vlogs in order:

Enjoy x x x

Exciting Trip and Visitors

So, I thought I would do a little blog to tell you all about some up and coming trips and a lovely visitor we are expecting soon. 

1st things 1st, is that we have booked to do the Warner Bros tour in Watford, which is basically the  Harry Potter tour. I have wanted to go for such a long time and with moving house and mum being ill, we just didn’t get around to it. But NOW  we have booked it and we go the first weekend in October!! II don’t know what I am more excited about, Diagon Alley or trying Butter Beer…. watch this space…

2nd of all, we are going on our holidays in a few weeks and honestly, it can’t come soon enough. I have had annual leave this year, but apart from 3 days in the Lake in June, we haven’t really had a break. My leave has been taken in odd days here and there and a chunk of it was taken off because mum needed me to do something or go somewhere with her… so right about now – a week off would be SOOOO good.  

We are going here http://www.anglesey-cottages.com which we discovered about 4 years ago and absolutely love. We started going when we had our lovely dog Peggy, as the cottages are dog friendly. It’s a series of cottages which are converted farm buildings, which is about 15 minutes from Llangefni and is run by Hazel, John and their dog Indie.  If you take a look at the website, I can honestly tell you that the cottages are as lovely in real life are they look online. Take a look (p.s. I’m not paid to say any of this, I just LOVE staying there)

So, last, but definitely not least, my most exciting news is that at the end of October, we are having a very special visitor in that Miss Elizabeth Fox is visiting us from Alabama!!! We stayed with her last year when we visited the states and she is spending nearly a week with us at the end of a trip to France and Cornwall with her family. 

M, Me & Elizabeth
M, Me & Elizabeth

I am very excited as we have been to the states twice to see her and this will be the first time she is coming to us. There are 100 places we could take her, but with only a few days, it’s what we can fit in!! Exciting times though… 

So, lots to look forward to and exciting times ahead – now then… it might be time to start a countdown….  G x