So first of all, I blogged the other day that our boiler was on the fritz, and today saw the 3rd engineer coming to take a look. He was from Ideal, who is the boiler manufacturer and he had come from Ulverston in Cumbria (2 hour drive) and he was BRILLIANT! He was thorough, polite and eventually found the problem – albeit after another 2 hours.

It turns out that a few tiny polystyrene balls (we think from the original build) were stuck in a gas valve messing up the gas/air flow coming into the house. Once he got rid of them, all sorted. He was great and I was glad he sorted it, because at one point, he was going to have to turn the gas off to the entire house!! Phew.

Second of all, my Dad is away with my sister and her family at the moment and it seems that on Day 1 – my dad managed to break himself!  I will spare you the gory details, but lets just say… Playing on the beach, paramedics, much blood, leg bandage. When I got the text from my sister, is scared the life out of me – we went through SO much with mum, that I couldn’t bare it if anything happened to my dad. 

Thankfully though, he is OK and I know my sister will look after him. Phew. 

Third of all today was the progress we are really making with our garden. We finally planted the extra plants we got nearly 2 weeks ago and I have to be honest, I am really very pleased with how it’s all looking. I think though for now, we aren’t going to plant anything else, giving what we have planted time to bed in and grow a little. 

M and I both find our garden a really relaxing place and the trees and park that surround us, make the whole thing feel like we are in the middle of the countryside. OK, that’s enough gloating…. but  well, seeing as you asked, here are the photos…

It pleases me so greatly, as I am not a natural gardener and I am learning as I go along… I mean, who doesn’t love flowers???

G x 


So, Tuesday was a very busy day – so much so it made me feel a bit bleurgh!!! I was working from home and had an appointment in Wigan at 14:00 – which I had to cancel in the end. 

As you know, we live in a new build house and have done for the last year. As such we had a letter from NHBC to say our boiler was due a service. British Gas came on Monday for what I thought would be a VERY routine check, only to find that our boiler was faulty, something about the Co2 emissions being too high. 

So on Tuesday I called the site manager to report the fault and he in turn called the local heating company who originally fitted the boiler and they then called me to arrange to come out. 

Whilst waiting for the engineer, the a new ironing company that we are trying ( came to pick up the ironing and all the while I was trying to do some work. 

Final M&B Heating turned up (sent by Taylor Wimpey) to fix the boiler, but alas they couldn’t figure it out and had to called Ideal who MADE the boiler. Ideal then called me to make an appointment to come and take a look on Saturday. The boiler was officially turned off on Monday when British Gas came and so we haven’t any hot water coming through the taps till it’s sorted. 🙁

Like I said, I had to re-arrange my afternoon appointment, but I DID make an arrangement for us to go and see my dad. Except when we got to his house, he wasn’t IN, as he was still out fishing. 

OH. MY. GOD. *sighs*

At this point I flung in the towel and M took us both to Bents for tea. All was not lost, but quite a stressful day. I counted them all up and throughout the day, I took or made 16 calls. My head was spinning. 

Anyway, hopefully Ideal will sort the boiler for us on Saturday and it’s covered by the warranty so thankfully I don’t think it will cost us anything. All in all, I was glad when the day was over. But I have to say the day ended on a positive note as our tea in Bents was lovely and we got a SCRUMMY cheesecake each for pudding. 

Yippee !!


G x