Had a good Christmas?

So finally VLOGMAS is over and we have entered that weird time between Christmas and New Year where no-one know what day it is and everyone feels just a little hung over or generally just knackered in my case. So how was your festive period? Did you cope?

Last Christmas for me wasn’t brilliant, it was the first time without mum and things where somewhat traumatic, but this year, with a little help from a few people, things turned out pretty well.

The turning point for me was deciding to not see my own family on Christmas Day. I know this sounds harsh, but let me explain. As a non-drinkers without children we usually spend Christmas visiting other people at their houses, with the record number of visits one year of 5. So this year we decided to put the following plan into place:

  1. Christmas Eve: My family came to us for the afternoon. I made a pan of Scouse and we played daft games. Our nieces danced all the dances and it looked something like this:
  2. Then on Christmas Day we had┬áChristmas Dinner at Michael’s sister in Grappenhall.
  3. On Boxing Day we spent the afternoon at my sister’s house and then the evening at my mother-in-law’s house.

So it worked out that we spent loads of time with both M and I’s family equally, we didn’t end up running around like mad fools on Christmas Day and M and I both agreed that we had a lovely time. In fact, we took a photo that reminded me that there is still fun to be had within my own little family… we miss mum, but life has indeed carried on.

Hope you had a good one… G x


Happy Christmas | Gilliblogs

Good Morning everyone!!

I just wanted to post a little something to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas!

A huge thank you for everyone’s support this year, I still love blogging and vlogging as much as ever and I really got into VLOGMAS this year. In case you aren’t up to date… when you’ve watched the Queen’s speech why not catch up:

But enough of the SHAMELESS self promotion. I really wanted to say thank you and hope you all have a lovely day – whatever you’re doing.
Gill xx
p.s. if Christmas isn’t your thing, remember that it’s just another day… xx

Gilliblogs does VLOGMAS

Ok so I am guessing you are wondering…

  1. What’s VLOGMAS?
    • VLOGMAS is where people with a YouTube Channel post a video every day from December 1st until Christmas Day

ok Cool – Why not catch up with my ready made playlist here: