10lb gain (An Honest Post) | Getting Healthy

OK, well before I write this post I look at these photos and what I notice is that I look happy, I mean the mad hair and odd socks say it all I think. Also YES, my t-shirt does say Ewe Tube. That’s the way it goes.

Anyway, the last time I posted a Getting Healthy Blog was on the 1st January and that’s mainly because I haven’t really been as healthy as I should have. I haven’t been weighed for ages, but when I finally bit the bullet this morning, I had gained 10lbs. Gutted. All my life my weight has gone up and down, and it’s been a constant struggle.

So I am going to re-focus, and see where I am this time next week. I just need to move a little more and eat more fruit and veg. One of my favourite evening meals is a Turkey Hash which I cook in our slow cooker:

Turkey Hash (Slow Cooker)

Serves 4
Cooking Time: 7 hours on low


500g Turkey Mince
500g New Potatoes (diced)
500g Butternut Squash (I used a bag of Frozen from Tesco)
1 x red onion (diced)
3 x bay leaves
3 x tablespoons of Worcestershire Sauce
2 x Courgettes  (I have subbed this for Aubergine, also lovely)

Basically bung it all the slow cooker and cook for 7 hours without taking the lid off. Delicious.

G x


November Weight Loss | Getting Healthy

How is it already the end of November? I re-joined Weight Watchers in May this year and as you can see my weight loss has been sort of steady since I did. This month wasn’t great as I was doing ok but had one week where it went horribly wrong and I put on 3.5 lbs 😔 But on a positive note, I did finish the month with a loss, so I ended up -1.5 lbs overall. I think it’s important for me to recognise that in certain circumstances it’s ok not to focus on the numbers, but more about feeling good, making healthy choices and recognising how far I have come.

I found the picture above of me in the black clothes on my camera as I was looking through a memory card this morning. I decided to take the same photos to see if I could see a difference and I was honestly shocked, because I really could!

I am so proud of how far I have come and even though I have got a way to go, I feel SO pleased that this has happened to me this year. It’s feels like it’s changing my life. So, this week is going to be a good one and even though I am off to Leicester for the week, I am more determined than ever to keep things going!

G x


Non Scale Victories | Getting Healthy

So I am 6 months into this whole weight loss thing and today I experienced a helluva non-scale victory. There is a beautiful waterfall in Ambleside called Stock Ghyll Force and today on a visit to the Lakes we decided to climb up to it. The walk is up a series of stone steps and last time we visited was when our lovely friend Elizabeth visited us from the US in October 2015. I was almost 3 stones (42lbs) heavier back then and I didn’t make it to the top. As evidenced in this vlog:

But today I felt like a new woman! I practically sprang up the hill and it really didn’t feel like that much of an effort! I was breathing a little heavier in the steeper bits, but honestly, I did it no trouble! We took lots of photos of course, including this Insta of me reaching the top!

We also had a chance to try out the camera on M’s new iPhone X. As you can see, it’s pretty awesome. I especially like the selfie in front of the waterfall.

Today was a pretty epic day! G x


Weight Loss October Update | Getting Healthy

So as you can see, my weight loss has slowed a little, but it is still progressing, as I have now lost 35 lbs/2 ½ stones/15.87 kgs. Not bad eh?!

Weight loss is often called a journey as it has bumps in the road and of course, I am going to be honest and share mine with you. September was a funny month for me as I struggled to focus on Weight Watchers due to my impending secondment to London. Overall I lost 3.5lbs, which is good and so I am not going to beat myself up too much.

My secondment started just over 2 weeks ago and again, my Weight Watchers is a little harder to stick with as I am away from home and can’t cook. But to try and allay too much damage I have fallen into the following routine:

Breakfast in my Travelodge: 2 x pieces of brown toast with a small amount of Jam on each & fruit salad & a cup of tea.

Lunch: A Boots Shapers Sandwich with a low fat packet of crisps.

Evening Meal: Various

Snacks: Fruit

So as you can see, I mostly do OK, but it’s the evening meals that are tricky. In our first week in London, as I am working with a group of other staff members from around the UK, we all did something together most nights. However this week, we all did our own thing. There are also MANY temptations throughout the day as our group are feeders and there has been cake and biscuits every single day. I haven’t had one, although I have had the odd Percy pig when I was struggling a bit with energy.

One thing I did come across in my Timehop App, was a still from a vlog I did a couple of years ago and I really noticed the change in my face:

Changing Face

So even though my weight loss has slowed, there have been semi-unusual circumstances and I HAVE managed to keep it going. But of course I couldn’t finish this blog without sharing my amazing London Bridge victory!

and I really wouldn’t have had the confidence or fitness to do this at the beginning of May. Go me. x



Getting Healthy in August

It’s mid September so I thought that an August update was pretty overdue (soz). The last update I put together I had lost 4lbs and to end the month  I lost another 3lbs, which took my loss to 2 stones!! OMG!!! People have really started to notice and this week I attended a huge work event and saw some colleagues that I haven’t seen for a while. I am not exaggerating when at least 10 different people told me how good I looked and how they can really see a difference in me. That is really very cool!

I have also had a very funny reaction to all the praise in that it’s knocked me off kilter. I don’t know if I suddenly feel pressure, but I have had a rubbish week food-wise. But I DID experience some non-scale victories….

  • I went to a clothes party and wasn’t able to buy some of the clothes because they were TOO BIG!
  • I bought an outdoor waterproof coat in the Lake District for the first time EVER. Previously I was too big.
  • I walked back from our local train station and really felt a massive difference in my breathing and energy levels. My fitness is clearly improving.
  • I climbed Dodd Fell and even though it was hard and took me 2½ hours, I still DID it!
  • I have dug a couple of tops and a pair of jeans out of my wardrobe that I haven’t worn since 2013, which now fit me great!

So even though I feel a bit rubbish and I am expecting my weight loss to not be great in September, I am still 2 stones lighter than I was in May and that is a hell of an achievement. 2 stones loss is great, but there are a couple to go, so I just need to refocus and get exercising I think.

G x


Mushroom, Bacon Onion & Spinach Pizza | Recipe | Getting Healthy

Serves 4
Prep Time: 7 minutes
Cook Time: 13 minutes

2 x 65 Flatbreads
Calorie controlled cooking spray
3 bacon medallions
1 small onion
300g Chestnut mushrooms (sliced)
6 tablespoons of tomato puree
150g spinach
160g grated cheese (reduced fat is better, but I used lactose free cheddar, due to my intolerance).

Easier, quicker and healthier than a takeaway, this pizza uses a ready-made flatbread for a base.

  1. Preheat the oven to 200°C/180°C fan/Gas mark 6. Line 2 baking trays with baking paper. Put the flatbreads on the tray.
  2. Meanwhile, mist a large non-stick frying pan with the cooking spray. Cook the bacon, mushroom and onions over a medium-high heat, stirring for 3 minutes.
  3. Spread the flatbreads with the tomato puree. Set aside a large handful of the spinach.
  4. Top the flatbreads with the remaining spinach, cheese & bacon,onion & mushroom combo.
  5. Bake for 10 minutes or until the bases are golden and crisp.
  6. Cut the pizzas in half and serve topped with the reserved spinach.

7 WW Smart points (approx)

Real Life Review

When I did these, I think I personally would have put a little less tomato puree on them, as with the onions, this made it a tiny bit sweet for me. Also I didn’t put the as much spinach on as the recipe said, and this was a mistake on my behalf. The spinach was actually really nice & I will do more next time. Overall I would give this recipe 9/10. Easy to make and delicious!



Weigh In Day | 8th August | Getting Healthy

Oh. My. God. I went to Weight Watchers tonight to “face the scale”. I hadn’t really that strict with my points over the last couple of days and honestly I felt heavy if anything today. But as I stepped onto the scale it registered a 2lb loss! My leader looked at me and said “2.5lbs on” and I understandably looked confused. She had misread 0.5 as 5.0 and after I hopped off the scales and then back on to clarify, the second weigh in showed a 2.5lb loss!!!

So here are my stats:

I am pretty impressed with my little self. I also noticed a slight change in exercise today when I visited Blackpool Football Club. As I arrived at the club, one of the young people I had come to see told me that presentation I was attending was on the 2nd floor which was 4 flights of stairs and I could take the lift. But I happily skipped up the stairs and wasn’t THAT out of breath at the top. I realised much later that my attitude towards that sort of stuff has really changed. I have gone from:

  • I am NOT walking up the stairs – where is the lift? ⬇
  • Begrudgingly saying to myself “Oh I guess I had better take the stairs, I guess it’s good for me” ⬇
  • Today: No, it’s ok, I will take the stairs. ?

So that’s me this week, 23.5 lbs down after 14 weeks, lots of lbs to go, but honestly I am feeling SO much better. Apparently too I have only got 1.5lbs to go until I have lost 10% of my original body weight. Go bloody me.

G x


Sometimes my husband is wise – who knew?

Getting Healthy | Gilliblogs

I have been married to Mr Gilliblogs for a while now and we were together for 8 years before that. But he surprises me even now. We were talking about our Getting Healthy vibes and in particular about exercise. One of my goals in my healthy eating journey was to try to enjoy exercise and I was talking about this and basically moaning that, apart from walking, I had never really found something I liked doing.

M looked at me and said “Ok, I am going to say something you might not like”…. “If you wanna get healthy, you might just have to do exercise you don’t like”. I just stared at him, but he was on a roll. He went on to explain that if I had a choice between chocolate or salad, I would choose chocolate, but part of getting healthy is that I don’t chose chocolate and have the salad instead, as I know it’s good for me.

I’ve been eating healthier and making healthy food choices since May and the results are definitely showing with 21lbs lost so far. But my head was still saying to me that I couldn’t start exercise as I didn’t like it, when really what I should have been thinking was that even though I didn’t like it, my healthy choice would be to do it anyway as long-term, I would feel better.

As humans we often choose short-term gain over long-term success… “Ok I will have this bar of chocolate as it will taste nice and make me feel good”. But often this is followed by regret and long-term, a Kit Kat Chunky habit is never going to make anyone healthy.

So I am doing my best to change my mindset. Exercise is good and something that I should do – even if it isn’t my thing. At one time I used to describe salad as “rabbit food” and now I love a good salad. My body won’t change until my mind does.

G x