Sleep injuries?

There are many things people like to tell each other about reaching 40, people share stories left, right and centre about the joys of middle age – whatever that is. But one thing no-one told me about, was that in my 40s, I would get injured in bed. Now before your mind descends into the gutter, it’s really nothing like that!

I have noticed over the last few months that I am waking up in a morning with a sore shoulder or stiff hips and I feel like I should have to do a full on stretching circuit before I can begin my day!


I don’t really bother about my age most days, it really is just a number my clicky joints sometime protest too much. So do I attack the cod liver oil? Do I get a special mattress or do I just put on my big girl pants and stop moaning. Yes, let’s do that!

G x




Weigh In Day | Getting Healthy

First Weigh In at WW this week so I was a bit nervous, but good news is I lost 5.5lbs!!!! Pretty bloody pleased with that! I am not sure of an overall target weight that I want to get to, but at the moment, my mini target is to get to under ** stone. I won’t reveal the actual number just yet, but this means that my stats are as follows:

I need to lose around : 79.5 lbs
Change since last week: -5.5lbs
Total lost: -5.5lbs

Biggest Challenge: Going out for lunch with work colleagues on weigh in day. Moroccan Food, which I not really that familiar with. Was lovely and I chose Spicy Sausage and Houmous & Salad. Fairly low SP as it goes.

Biggest Buzz: Well apart from losing so much in the first week, I felt really happy and healthy all well. Just joining WW has improved my mood!

G x


Showing Support

If you didn’t already know, I work for the Prince’s Trust which is the nation’s leading Youth Charity and on a daily basis we support young people. I am married to the loveliest man in the world and we have vowed to support each other for the rest of our lives. I have a small circle of friends and I support them whenever they need or ask for it.

I am a member of 2 families, my own and my husbands and we all support each other with various things all the time. I was asked the other day, the best way to support someone, and I really did make me think. I don’t know that there is a definitive answer, but here’s what I came up with:

  1. Listen without judgement
  2. Offer advice, but only when asked
  3. Show up

I think that sometimes showing up is the most important one of all. I know from experience that having someone by your side in times of trouble can be invaluable – but a friendly text, call or email can also make the world of difference.

There will always be people in your real life  that show “support’ on social media but avoid you in Tesco, but that’s on them, not you.

I have learned as I’ve got older that it’s ALWAYS important to be kind to people, no matter how I feel. I never know what people are going through – my experience has taught me that everyone is going through something.

Be nice to people.

G x


So unless you have been living in Fantasy Island, then you will know that right now is a bit of weird time. Everything feels unsettled and wrong to me and I am not sure what to think about some things. The UK are going to Brexit and I have no idea when this will happen exactly and what this means for our future as a country and then of course there is Donald Trump.

The one thing that stands out if that both these thing seem to be stirring up a load of hate and whatever harmony existed is slowly being eroded. The banning of muslims doesn’t solve a single thing and the building of a wall is just childish. These thought processes of exclusion are archaic and I thought we were finally moving away from such horrible ways.

I therefore am going to concentrate on fun things and focus on myblog and things that entertain me. I do believe that in times of crisis, laughter and distraction are SO important. So that’s what I hope to do, for me and hopefully you for if you are having a read…

Did you know I also have a YouTube channel? Why not take a look around:

Let’s all hug each other closer… are all human.

G x


Pennington Flash

Sometimes at the weekend, M and I fancy doing something, but we don’t quite know what. We don’t have kids or pets so are completely unshackled, but the choices are so many that we genuinely struggle to decide what to do.

Yesterday was such a day as we languished around the house watching the new Miranda Sings Show “Haters Back Off” on Netflix (v funny btw). I perhaps decided that we should go and see my dad, but when I texted him, he told us that he was at Pennington Flash, it was beautiful and we should come. Pennington Flash is about 6ish miles from Newton-le-Willows and so we thought, why not!

Off we went in the car and from the minute we go there, we starting saying to each other, “Why don’t we come here more often?”. It’s really beautiful with the water, trees and canals. There is also lots of wildlife and there are even hides where you can get comfy and spy on all the things!

We met my dad, tried out a hide and then had a lovely walk up to the canal. There were SO many dogs and if we hadn’t been hungry, we would have explored much further – next time for sure. There were also SO many dogs, I was in heaven… Happy Days.

Also for those considering visiting, there is a large car park, toilets, lots of benches and picnic tables, ice cream, donut and chip vans and many many ducks to feed. We we definitely be going back.

G x