It’s the 1st June!

It’s the 1st June! Thought I’d do a blog…

Wowee, it’s been nigh on 2 months since I last did a blog… we were still in lockdown and we were looking forward to things opening up. FF to now and we are almost back to normal… so I had better catch you up.


All our family and by that I mean mine and M’s immediate family have all been double vaccinated which means that slowly but surely we able to socialise again. Over the last couple of weeks we have met M’s family for breakfast, sat outside on a beautiful and a bit rainy terrace and then this weekend we hosted a family BBQ for my family in our garden. For me, it did feel sort of weird at first to be around so many people, but I really knew that if I didn’t start to mix, I might get into a headspace that made me too anxious to go out and about. I HAD to rip off that plaster.

In fact, it was the very first time that my side of the family had been together for just short of a year. 😮

Also as I look at these pictures, I almost didn’t post the one where I am holding the rainbow 🌈 cushion as I have a tendency to be very self conscious looking at photos I didn’t take (let’s’ face it, given a choice most of us would do the good angles for no chins). But f8ck it, it was a lovely sunny day and I was very happy sat on that couch!

Exercise Stuff

To to add to the “getting back to normal” theme, I have been managing to go for a swim! I have to book well in advanced to do a laned swim, but it’s still good to be back. I have to admit I felt uncomfortable at first but having been a few times now, I feel much much better.

Work Stuff

M and I are still working from home, I was WFH before the pandemic and this won’t change regardless, and M is staying home for now at least. We have actually been working in separate offices over the last few months and I have been working on a huge project delivering lots of training and my waffling on about Google Drive for hours at a time would drive anyone nuts! But that big piece of work has just come to and end so he’s moved back in. Lovely.

And finally… dog stuff

So recently we had a dog come to stay with us for just over a week. He was an 18 month old cavalier King Charles spaniel called Milo and he was adorable. He was beautifully house trained and the most friendly dog I have ever met. He loved walking but was very strong on the lead, which massively improved in the short time he was with us.

I am sure there is lots more I have missed out, but for now that is where we are. I hope you are all ok you lovely lot. It’s ok if you don’t feel like mixing…. Everyone feels comfortable in their own time. No need to rush it … you do you.

G x

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