2 weeks to go…

2 weeks to go…

Well is it really the 5th December? Just 20 days off Christmas? I have got 2 weeks left to work then I have got 2 glorious weeks off work. Work this week has changed massively for me, this time last year I was going back wards and forwards to Cornwall to deliver training and since the auld COVID all the training I delivered has moved online and I have been working solely from home since March. I was already home based before the pandemic, but I was out and about much much more.

I do of course now share my home office with M, who has also been home based since the pandemic and I know we both love the fact that commuting is no longer a thing.

But from a work perspective, working from home has had it’s ups and downs. Some weeks for me, it’s felt like I am on a treadmill, especially during the lockdown phases. Get up➡️Work➡️Tea➡️Telly➡️Bed➡️Do it all again. In normal working situations I would be by myself for parts of the day, I would be in different offices and training rooms, I would be travelling, staying in hotels and at the very least, getting lunch from a variety of different places.

Whilst at home, I am going nowhere and eating the same things day in, day out. It has led to me feeling couped up and I have remedied this by going for “podcast” drives. One unexpected thing that has happened to me, is that I am really behind with my audiobooks. When travelling and commuting, I would always listen to audio books and have been using Audible for years. But this has stopped this year and I have been trying to finish a single book for months!

This week though, has thrown up something different as I have been asked to host an online Christmas party at work for staff across the North West and possibly organise a stand up comedian for them. Now for someone that hasn’t really been out of their local borough for 8 months, I was pretty surprised to find that I was not only able to book 1 but 3 stand up comedians through someone that I used to work with. What a new and unusual experience, but one I will take during this very very odd times.

I have also been reminded that this year isn’t all about COVID. Two people that I love have loved ones going through a Cancer journey and I know from 1st hand experience that this is fecking horrific at the best of times, but right now, when everything is so difficult, I can’t even imagine how hard things are. They have both been confronted with the fact that they might lose a parent and I am sure they both wish 2020 would DO ONE!

But the ultimate joy of this week as having a new chair delivered for our living room. I think I explain pretty well in this Twitter post:

I was never bullied at school, but because of my open and friendly nature, people have sometimes read that as me being ok with people telling me EXACTLY what they think. But it’s fair to say that the opposite of lies, is not absolute, unfiltered truth. Words matter and I know that sometimes people’s unkind words have stayed with me for years. Bottom line is though, I love my yellow chair – it makes me smile every single time I look at it and who wouldn’t want a chair like that! G x

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