I am excited about this!!!
So today, feeling a bit better after mucho coughiness over the last few days. Went to sleep without Night Nurse last night and even though still a bit tired, Sunday is going ok so far. Happy days 🙂

I’ve been out for breakfast this morning with M and his mum & dad (who I love) and we went to Bents, which is a fab garden centre in Glazebury. The term “garden centre” doesn’t really do it any justice as it’s more of an “experience” than a centre and it’s cafe is more like a restaurant with a huge conservatory. I had the good old scrambled eggs and as usual it was delicious.

Even though I try not to, my mind always starts to wander and think about what is coming up this week the closer it gets to Sunday night. This week sees for me, going to the hospital with mum to see another surgeon about the massive delay with her cancer op (another time, another blog) and then a week mostly in the office, WW meeting, choir practice and then – oh and excitingly then… our shed is being delivered!!

I must be really growing up if I am excited about a shed. But you have to ask AM I BOVVEREDD?? #shed



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