Christmas Eve 2014

Ah don’t you just LOVE Christmas!!! I know that I do – presents, lovely food, tree, decorations, time off work – and of course spending time with the family… just ace. Of course the one thing that invariably also visits our household is the very yukky and very unwelcome – common cold. So right on cue this year, both M and I are both snotty and suffering! Thankfully mine is very mild and has almost gone, but M’s is in full swing and making him feel rotten 🙁 Ah well what can you do???
Every year for really as long as I known M, we have gone out to our favourite restaurant in Stockton Health Picollinos for a meal with M’s family. It’s where we had our wedding breakfast and I just love it. However, M feels so awful we haven’t gone this year – we thought it best to conserve his energy and germs for the big day tomorrow.

Christmas Day and Boxing Day sees us both visiting our families – we don’t have children and don’t drink so it stands to reason that we will be going from house to house for 2 days solid. Hey ho – maybe one day we will get to spend the whole of Christmas at home…

But who am I to complain….

  • If I have lots of cleaning to do, windows to wash and carpets to clean – it means I have a house to shelter me
  • If my trousers are too tight, it means that I have enough food to eat
  • If am tired from working, I am lucky enough to be employed
  • If my family are driving me crazy, it means that I do indeed, have a family.

I am lucky girl in all kind of ways, and I was disappointed earlier about not being able to go out, but then I had a think… life is wonderful and i should never forget that.

Happy Christmas all xxxxx g xxxxx

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