Curious Day

What a very odd day, full of places and experiences that M & I wouldn’t normally do on any normal Tuesday.
1) We went to a post office that we have been to only once before and hopefully will never go to again. Just picture a post office in war torn Bosnia and you wouldn’t be too far from this shop. Ugh.

2) I went into the Morrisons next to the Bosnian Post Office to purchase diet 7UP and a cereal bar. It had neither. Fail.

Still, at least we were together.

3) We went to see “The curious incident of the dog in the night time” at The Lowry Theatre in Salford. First half was unusual, interesting and quirky. The second half was boring and weird.

We had good seats though, so that was FTW.

4) After the play we went to Pizza Express for tea and basically they took our order and forgot about us. It was full to bursting and they couldn’t cope with the influx of people. We were sat near the door and it was BLOODY FREEZING every time someone came either in our out. We did get our food eventually, but not everything we ordered and to say sorry they took 15% off the bill.

So you see, very odd day. But M did finally take delivery of his new mega monitor (Christmas present bought with Christmas Amazon vouchers). And I got a new bag for work from the outlet mall.

Swings and curious roundabouts. Xx

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