New Years Eve

I’m not a fan of NYE – I’ve had many bad experiences and its left me with a bitter taste in my mouth.
NYE when I was a kid was a great night! I got to stay up late and watch all kinds of telly that I wasn’t normally allowed access to and sometimes there was even a late supper of toast dripping with butter and jam – heaven to a teenager!

Then of course I reached 18 and went to the pub for NYE – on my first ever alcohol fuelled night, I suddenly discovered that midnight gave me free pass to snog almost every single boy in The Huntsman Pub without a care in the world. Happy Days.

I had a couple of New Years with my then boyfriend and they were good – well my BF always got so bladdered he invariably needed to be carried home, but it seemed so necessary in those days.

The single years saw me do a mixture of things from working in the aforementioned Huntsman, staying in watching Ricky Gervais’s “The Office” and going to a nightclub in St Helens with one of the most inappropriate friends I’ve ever had.

Working in the Huntsman was fun and filled with extra tips right up until midnight, at which point I was left on my own as I hadn’t thought to ask any of my friends to keep me company. The only girls around that I was sort of friends with burst into tears on the stroke of midnight as one of them had just broken up with her fella. Deeply miserable experience from this point on. Cried myself when I got home.

The nightclub experience a few years later was ok except we went into the nightclub too early and there was no-one worth pulling. At midnight I was on the dance floor with the inappropriate friend and expected lots of frivolity, but as the bongs came, everyone else coupled up and we were left stranded amongst a sea of snoggers.

We decided to leave and with almost certain inevitability, we couldn’t get a taxi and had to walk 3 miles homes in high heels. 🙁


There have been a couple of other incidents of woe but also some semi normal nights too. Last year was a highlight with a trip to the comedy store with M’s sisters and their parters but overall, NYE is not my thing. I don’t drink alcohol these days so not even Jaeger Bomb would coax me out. THANK GOD. Lol.

So hope you have a good time if you are going out, but if NYE makes you feel glum, just remember that it’s just a Wednesday night


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