Change of Pace

Star trek and the NGIt seems that throughout my life I have gone through different stages of being really “in” to different things. I guess this is true of most people, but I have noticed that recently what makes me happy has changed again. If I had to sum it up, my life-to-date could be charted by my hobbies or obsessions of the month….. Broadly, it would go like this:

  • 12-16 Bros
  • 14-19 Wigan Warriors & Rugby League in general
  • 18-25 Going out with my friends, having a drink and snogging as many boys as possible
  • 21-23 Star Trek the Next Generation
  • 25-27 A boy called Paul Woodcock, who I was obsessed with but my love was unrequited
  • 28-29 My new house what I did buy – I was very proud
  • 29 – Present Day – MKL – my new boyfriend/fiancé/husband – he is now and will always be the love of my life <3
  • 40+ Shelves, gardens, sheds & the debate between canvas prints v frames pictures

So you can see, things and times change – people change. My life has never been very rock and roll, but I reckon if you can find joy in shelves, then you are doing ok.


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