Poorly Sick

So I am sick today – full of a stinky rotten cold and full disclosure, I am rubbish at being ill. Like 100% pathetic. I hate getting colds too as they make me feel all horrible and snotty and tired and bleurgh. I could feel it coming on last night and to stave off the worst of the symptoms, I took some night nurse which made me sleep for about 12 hours, but I haven’t moved far off the couch for much of today as I still feel totally wiped out. Bleurgh. 

I am a very lucky girl, but I am being very ably looked after by M, who has been out to the big Tesco in St Helens to get us some food and me some more cold meds. He is a diamond. He also slept on the couch last night so I could get a decent night’s sleep. See DIAMOND!

I have also updated my channel art form my YouTube channel and this blog in fact. I’ve been playing with Canva, which does seem to be a really easy to use graphic design site. It also has an iPad app, again really easy to use..

Quite a lot of the graphic options are free with loads more to buy. I’m loving it so far. 

Anyway, I am also re-watching Greys Anatomy from Season 2 onwards – god I love it, definitely my favourite box set. 

That’s Saturday. 

G x 

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