Getting another dog?

So, I have blogged before that from 2004-2013 we had a dog called Peggy. She was a rescue dog and was my 30th birthday present from M. She was a German Shepherd/Whippet Cross and was an anxious little soul. M and I loved her like she was our child and took her everywhere with us. When we had to have her put to sleep in 2013, it devastated us both and for the longest time, we weren’t ready for another dog. 

It has never felt the right time to think about having another pet, especially with moving house and now living in a sparkly new abode. But when is the right time???? 

However, over the last few weeks, my mind had slowly started to change and I’ve been thinking about the possibility of adopting another rescue dog once again. I recently went to a primary school in Wigan for work and they had a school dog called Bramble (adorable) and then someone at work got a puppy called Hendricks (double adorable) and for whatever reason, I just had a real longing for another dog. I am not totally sure M is ready, but I understand that, it is  a HUGE commitment. 

So in my head, sometime in the new year, we might get a new member of the family. It’s exciting/daunting/scary and wonderful in equal measures. Aaarrrgghhhhh

G x 

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