Scottish Power Over and Out

So as I have told you in my previous blogs, I have had some REAL issues with Scottish Power… and if you need to catch up – go and have a read, I’ll wait…. 

So as you can see, they have been pretty rubbish at sorting things out. However, as of yesterday, I received an official letter from SP to say that all the remedies that the ombudsman told them they had to complete to sort things out for us were DONE!!! 

  • On-line Account – Opened
  • Meter readings – Submitted
  • Meter serial numbers – Registered
  • £75 compensation cheque – Cashed
  • Apology – Received
  • £100 payment – Found and credited to our account
  • Best possible tariff – Talked through, agreed and applied. 

We moved into our house in June 2014 and it has taken pretty much 15 months until we managed to get this sorted. Worst customer service ever. 

So can you imagine what I did to celebrate getting things sorted with Scottish Power?? Yep, that right, I switched suppliers to E.on!!!! I really wanted to do this in the middle of Summer last year (2014), when after 3 or 4 phone calls was getting nowhere, but without an actual account, there was nothing I could do.  But now, after all this time, we are finally getting rid of them. 

I just couldnt stay, their customer service is too awful and I couldn’t trust them a single inch. So they don’t get to keep my business. No sirree. 

See ya Scottish Power, you are the worst company I have ever dealt with…. 


Mrs L x x x 

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