Happy Halloween!

I can hardly believe it’s Halloween 2015 (accidental rhyme for you there)… is this REALLY the 2nd Halloween in the new house. Also, when will I stop calling it the new house?!

I am currently ensconced on the couch, whilst M is watching the footie, ignoring the fact that I have got loads to do. I have the most brilliant lie in this morning and I am now feeling all happy and clam-like. 

The Lysons family are coming tonight for quiz and food and so mostly I have to tidy up and go out and get food. It is WELL documented that M and work best under pressures and so the original plan to get up early and go to Tesco was never going to be reality – but to MAKE the plan, makes us feel productive. 🙂 

We have had a halloween party on and off since we started to live together 10 years ago, and really it’s just a daft excuse to get dressed up and decorate the house. However this year’s celebrations are a bit more low-key as there is a thing going on within the family (sorry I can’t tell you), but we did feel like a celebration might not be appropriate. The sad thing is, is that last year there was also a thing going on, which made things a little subdued…. as a family we really have the sh*ttest year possible with one thing and another. But lets leave that on one side for now. 

Halloween… so seeing as we aren’t getting too spruced up this year, I thought I might share with you last year’s costumes etc, also can I just ask you to bear in mind that M’s dad was 81 at the time and he made the hat he is wearing from SCRATCH!!!! 

We have got a few things to decorate the house and so we may put a few of those up – not sure yet. But there is of course my VERY cute pumpkin tea light holder that I got from the chocolate shop in Keswick last week!

So all in all, quite a good day so far. All I really have to do, is decide what we are having for tea tonight, tidy up, decorate the house, have a shower and get ready….. PAH!! easy… 🙂 

G  x

p.s I am VERY proud of M this morning as he went for a run. He used to run loads, but for a variety of different reasons, he put a pause on his running schedule. But he ran for 35 minutes this morning, found some new paths and came home with a MASSIVE happy grin on his face. Go LordMooch!!!! 


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