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So it’s half way though the week and I have spent the day in Burnley today – which has been fab. I used to travel to Burnley fairly regularly when I first started working for PT and when I changed roles in 2014, I stopped having to come. I like it though, it feels very rural and this is DEFINITELY my thing!! 

As I mentioned a blog post or two ago, we recently bought a new mattress and this morning the old one was picked up by the bulky rubbish service that St Helens Council offer – they charge £15, but there is no way we could get it in the car to take to the tip. One of the guidelines from the council is that we are supposed to keep it dry as “wet mattresses can be very heavy” – so cue M and I trying to cover it up with dust sheets and bin bags last night before flinging it down the stairs and down the drive in the pouring rain…. fun times 🙂 

Wednesday is also choir day and after our performance last week at St Anne’s Church as the Mayor’s fundraising event, I am looking forward to seeing everyone. I do LOVE to sing and even when I am tired, I still have good time at practice. 

It’s also 2 weeks today until our lovely friend Elizabeth visits us from the USA! She is going to Paris and Cornwall for the first week and bit and then coming to us on the 20th.  There will have to be a fair bit of obsessive cleaning and frantic preparation of course, but I am really looking forward to seeing her and then of course, showing her around some lovely places in the NW of England! 

Anyway, hope you are having a good day if you are reading this and if you’ve a notion – why not pop along and subscribe to my YouTube channel…. I’d love to see you: 


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