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So I’ve had an iPhone for quite a while now and I have been buying music from iTunes from the very beginning. I have ALWAYS hated iTunes as even though I regard myself as tech savvy, the workings of iTunes has always been beyond me. 

I have managed to transfer music from iPod to iPod and iPhone to iPhone each time I traded up, but each time has been thoroughly traumatic with me hunched over my laptop for hours each time. 

Apple have a weird thing too about Audiobooks not being backed up in the cloud and so, due to the dreadful usability of iTunes, I have lost my audiobooks more than once and had to send a begging email to Apple to restore them. 

So in the last 6 months, I have moved to subscription services for both my music and audio books, namely Audible and Spotify. Her are what I think are the pros and cons….


  1. £7.99 per month subscription  = 1 credit (book) PRO – not massively expensive, CON – If I want more than one book, the prices start to creep up. Also some of the books are only a few hours, in which case £7.99 is a little steep. 
  2. PRO – Books are all kept in the cloud and are downloadable using their app. You can choose which books you want to have one your phone and delete ones that you have read or don’t want.  CON – You have to remember to download before you leave the house as file sizes are sometimes too large for 3G. (But this is basically a 1st world problem right?!)
  3. CON – You can’t purchase books from within the app – you have to go the website first, do the buying and then go to the app to download – seem clunky. 
  4. PRO – It has a MASSIVE selection of books and I have never failed to find something ace to listen to on boring car journeys. 


  1. PRO – There is no subscription, you just pay as you go, CON – I personally, ended up spending a lot more when I had free reign. 
  2. PRO – Your books are downloaded and you “own” the digital version. CON – they aren’t backed up in a cloud and so if you delete them from your computer by accident – you could be in BIG trouble. 
  3. PRO – nope all out of pros….. 

Then of course there is 


So this PRO/CON is a little shorter, it basically comes down to cost £9.99 a month for unlimited music is a BARGAIN and this does mean that I can listen to absolutely anything, just downloading specific music for offline usage. Yes, Spotify is an online service, but I have used it whilst out in the car and I couldn’t even tell, no lag whatsoever. Love it, and here is my current favourite playlist:

So I have official converted from Apple products to subscription services – it makes getting a new device MUCH less stressful and it doesn’t take anywhere near as long to set up. Everything it stored in the cloud and I don’t have to think about it. Anything that makes my life easier, works for me!

G x 

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