Weatherby or Whitby

So you know when you book a much needed weekend away to a place you have stalked in Instagram and after a little research you believe to be lovely and a perfect place for a pre-Christmas get away… but then you book somewhere 68 miles away by accident?! Well yes, that.

You see, I had been looking at us visiting Whitby for a few months, after seeing some pictures of it on Instagram…

Hazel Spencer – Saw this and thought it belonged on here , steps down from Abbey at #Whitby. #View #Scenery

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So I started to search for a spa hotel to stay at and somewhere along the line my stupid brain thought that Weatherby and Whitby where the same place and so I booked for us to stay at The Bridge Hotel in Weatherby. It took me 3 days to realise what I had done and had to send an apologetic text to M – who didn’t seem the slightest bit bothered. Phew!

We will perhaps visit Whitby another time, but for now we have got a little break to look forward to in-between finishing work and Christmas Day. It can’t come soon enough – in fact the end of this year can’t come soon enough for me….

G x

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