Best and worst ever massages

So, I just wanted to share with you all the very best and very worst massages I’ve ever had.  

The best one by far was  couples massages that M and I had at the Aqua Sana in Centre Parcs in Sherwood Forest. Now I know what you are thinking, “couples massage” and I can see your raised eyebrow from here, but trust me, it was definitely NOT like that! 

The Aqua Sana at CP’s is basically a spa and you get the full robe & slippers treatment. We got led into a lovely smelling room with adjoining massage beds. It was a full body massage which lasted about 45 minutes and it was done completely in sync. It was relaxing and aromatic and came with a free heart chocolate and glass of champagne (which we gave away) utter bliss. 

Then of course ther was the worst massage ever…bullet points are the only way to describe: 

  1. I entered the massage room, get semi naked and get under the nice warm blanket. All good. 
  2. Massage begins, all good.  
  3. 5 minutes in, door of the room opens, someone bobs their head “oh sorry” door closes. 
  4. Massages continues, 5 minutes later, another head bobs in. This continues on and off for the rest of the massages – ruining the entire relaxing vibe.
  5. Massage ends, masseur walks me back to chill out room and half way there, she bursts into tears.
  6. I am no stood in a corridor with a crying girl I don’t know that has seen me half naked AND I have the beginnings of back pain from the (what I realised later) was far too much pressure in the massage.

The bad one was at a hotel in Cheshire called Carden Park… And I have never been back.  

These days, I prefer a facial! 

G X  



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