Desserts on Just-Eat!!

So the other week M and I were trawling through our cupboard aimlessly looking at the food, deciding what to have for tea. We couldn’t decide and didn’t fancy beans on noodles (?) so we decided to order a Chinese. We have used Just-Eat for a few years and can’t really fault it, espcially now it does Apple Pay, we means don’t even have to fill in our address details! 

But when I was looking at the site, I noticed that there was a little “new in your area” section which told me that Shakes Ice Cream Parlour  were now doing deliveries!! I don’t mind telling you, that a little squeal might have escaped my lips and we immediately ordered dessert. 

We ordered a crepe, a waffle, a piece of chocolate cake and a piece of carrot cake – all of which came with either/or a choice of toppings and ice-cream. Now, I know what you are thinking, that’s a LOT of dessert for 2 people and you are 100% right. But they have a minimum spend of £10, so we just had to order more stuff 😉 

Anyway, it took about 40 minutes to arrive, with the delivery driver calling us to say he couldn’t find our house and could we give him directions. This wasn’t totally unexpected as our house is on a new-build estate and isn’t on most sat navs – but good that he called instead of just giving up and getting grumpy. 

And then of course, here is what we got…. 

Ok – so review time. 

Overall I thought It was very good. 45 minutes from order to knock on the door isn’t too bad, considering the shop is about 5 mile away. the quality of the packaging was good, standard take-away. The cakes were very nice, moist and exactly as you would expect and the waffle/crepe were also good with a a good range of toppings. I have to say the cakes at ChouxChouxbedo on Newton High Street are a bit of benchmark and they weren’t quite there, but still quite good. 

Full disclosure, I wasn’t too fussed on any of the ice-cream. Tasted quite watery to me, but that could be because it had had to travel the 4 miles to get me. Maybe I should reserve further judgement till I have visited the shop in person. 

I think if I was going to give the dessert delivery experience a mark out of 10, it would be an 8. Pretty good, room for some improvement.

This isn’t a paid for blog post, just my honest opinion. But I would definitely say try it… a lovely alternative a nice addition to St Helens. 

G x 

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