Bonfire Night 2015

Bonfire Night 2015

So sometimes I write a blog because I want to tell my readers something and sometimes I write a blog because not only do I want to tell you, but I also want to remind myself in years to come about what happened… good stuff you know.

Anyway this Bonfire night I had seen a post in the local area that there would be a Fireworks display and children’s rides at our local sport club. I did a little bit of digging and found a notification on the evil FB that told me that it doors opened at 5:30pm, the bonfire would be lit at 7:00pm and the fireworks would be set off at 7:30pm.

I emailed my sister to see if she wanted to come along and because of her working schedule, she said no, but asked if I wanted to take the girls (my nieces) and I said yes.  However, on the actual day of Guy Fawkes night (5th November) it rained solidly all day and at 4:30pm I emailed my sister to say that the whole thing was off due to rain. However, there was more to come. At 6:30pm I get a call from my sister’s mobile which turned out to be my very very very upset 6yo niece (hereon in known as Niece T) who was sobbing into the phone with disappointment about the bonfire being cancelled. So what could I do – it HAD stopped raining so M and I jumped in the car to go and pick her up. However, the sports club where the event was supposed to be being held is on the way to my sisters, and when we passed it, it was pitch black with no cars outside.

We immediately twigged that something wasn’t right and upon further investigation, we discovered that I got the date wrong!!!!!!!!  We pulled over and had to call my sister to break the news to my Niece T. More crying…. heartbreaking – especially as she is a kid that doesn’t really cry without good reason.

>>FF to Friday night, when I picked up Niece T (Niece L had had a verruca removed and didn’t feel like coming out) and she was GIDDY with excitement. Bouncing up and down on the spot telling me she had missed me loads. She also informed me that she had got a bit upset when I got the day wrong, but she was ok now… (my heart melted as this point).

We brought her home and she had a mini dance party with M whilst I made her some Super Noodles (special request). She ate whilst watching Katy Perry on YouTube (?) and before we knew it, it was time to go. Niece T was SO excited that she happily chatted to our neighbours who were also walking round to the fireworks.

We let her go on a couple of rides and she LOVED it..

On Saturday, my sister invited us round to her house for more fireworks and a casserole etc etc. We had a really good night and the casserole she made was lush. The problem with family fireworks, is that they take ages. You set one off, BOOM, then it’s another 5 minutes until you get a chance to do another one. Well that’s the way my family do it anyway. So it WAS good – but somehow and organised one gives you more of a WOW factor. But the nice thing was getting to spend some more time with the fambo.

I just had a brief moment when the girls were cuddling up to me to shield themselves from the fireworks, that I missed my mum. The girls loved my mum and they would have been clinging onto her if she was there. Mum was in hospital this time last year, so just got to see fireworks out of her hospital bed. We did do something the year before, if only we had known it would be her chance to ooo and ahhhh at the fireworks my dad insists on buying every year.

But I don’t want to end this blog on a sad note, so I will say this. Sparklers are my absolute favourite and I want them at every single event in future… I even made my own sparkler picture…. Blog tutorial coming soon…

G x

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