The 6 weirdest days the year

So I watched a Michael McIntyre special a couple of days ago and he did a “bit” about the 6 days between Christmas and New Year being the weirdest 6 days of the year. I think this is bang on!

When Christmas is over I think we are all just waiting for New Year’s Eve (NYE) and then the inevitability of the return to work. I blogged last year about my distaste for the whole NYE thing and this year is no different. I find myself preparing strategies about how to keep myself occupied and this year M and I are going to the cinema to see Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s new film Sisters. That should keep us busy until around 10:30 is, so after that I might just have an early night!

But over the days since Christmas M and I haven’t done anything too exciting, in fact, it’s been quite nice not to have an agenda. But there are a few updates to share:

  1. We went shopping on Monday, and everywhere was BEDLAM!! I tried order things from Argos – but it was 10 deep at the till, so I gave up. We also tried to go to M&S Gemini, but we couldn’t even get off the motorway it was so packed.
  2. We did managed to order a small black fridge for our top floor – but we got it from Amazon in the end. The one’s in Currys all had drinks logos on them – me no likey
  3. We booked a holiday!

So yes, we have also booked a holiday and that is a very royal “we”. I am the booker of things in our house, and I have almost lost count of the amount of holidays that I have booked in the space between Christmas and NYE. It’s a time when I always feel like I need to have something to look forward to – which is usually another bit of R&R in the pipeline before the current one is over.


As such, I have booked us a week in Vilamoura in Portugal in a hotel called the Tivoli Victoria and I can’t wait! We don’t go until September, but it will be worth the wait. M is very patient with my always wanting to book a holiday and he even called me an “unstoppable force”. I just like holidays – is that so bad??

The weather has been shocking and today especially it’s just throwing is down with rain. Oh well – time to catch up on some Christmas telly.

G x

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