So this time last year, give or take a few weeks, my mum was diagnosed with Stage 3 Oseophageal Cancer. We’ve had a very hard journey since then, I might write another blog on another day to tell you just how hard, but the timeline goes something like this:

  1. April 2014 – Diagnosed Stage 3 Osephagus Cancer
  2. July 2014 – Started 2 x lots of oral chemotherapy
  3. Operation to remove Osephagus scheduled in for early September 2014
  4. August 2014 – Difficulty swallowing, meaning Mum didn’t eat anything for 3-4 days.
  5. Admitted to Whiston Hospital for a stent to be but into her throat to open it up so that she can eat. This failed.
  6. Whilst at Whiston, mum walked to lift to find dad, fainted and broke her hip in the fall. It was pinned the next day.
  7. Cancer operation delayed by 6 weeks.
  8. End October 2014 – Osephagus and cancer successfully removed.
  9. Oct – December 2014 – Mum unable to recover post op as kept getting persistent chest infections, pneumonia, becoming generally weaker and more frail.
  10. Jan – Mid Feb 2015 – Home from hospital, weak but managing with support.
  11. Feb 2015 – She experiences breathing difficulties and is admitted to Whiston Hospital, diagnosed with recurrent Osephagus Cancer Stage 4, spread to her lungs.
  12. She is sent home and referred for palliative radiotherapy.
  13. Attends our local cancer hospital for radiotherapy and after blood tests, is deemed too unwell and is transferred to the nearest general hospital for assessment.
  14. During her stay there, she becomes critically unwell as she vomits during the night and swallows it, which goes onto her lungs. She is unresponsive, but resuscitated by the crash team.
  15. March 2015 – She is seen by a consultant who tells her that she is now too weak for treatment and she should go home and be with her family.
  16. She then started to go somewhere every day to not waste any time. She attends a couple of family events, which she enjoys.

So as you can see, the whole thing is a sorry tale of treatment and crisis and the stress this has caused not only for mum, but on the family is immense. It’s almost unbearable to watch someone we all love to much, be destroyed by such a cruel disease. And if you are wondering just how much things have changed….

Such a happy smiley person with everything to live for, to someone in the last few weeks of their life.

Breaks my heart 🙁

Gill x

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