Yay for the weekend!

Hello everyone, hope you are enjoying your Saturday? We had quite a lie in this morning and then we started the BBQ fun/trauma.  It’s M’s birthday a week on Monday and because the garden is half done, we would like to have a barbecue as his party. M is not one to buy things rashly, he likes to do his research and find us the best product we can afford. As such, we aren’t going to get any old grill, but the doyenne of ALL grills. The Weber Spirit Classic E210 Gas Barbecue . 

We were able to get 9% discount using a gift card thingy that I am able to get through work. So this morning we went to the B&Q website and tried to buy our grill, only to find that the gift card didn’t work!!  We made 2 phone calls to discover that for some UNKNOWN reason, you can’t make diy.com purchases with gift card. Grrrrrrr. 

Anyway, we ended up going to our local store and getting them to order it (Yippee!!). It’s being delivered on Thursday (hopefully) However, this did take no less than 5 members of staff in B&Q, but they were very helpful and friendly and we did eventually manage to sort things out. 

Whilst we were there, we also got a few plants and stones and things to try and improve the planting in the front beds and a small bed we have at the end of the drive. The plants that were in, were put there by our builder, Taylor Wimpey, when we moved in in June 2014. They are a bit rubbish and the ground they were planted in is very “building site”. 

Wanna see a before and after? 

So quite a productive day so far 🙂 I am just having a chill now because tonight I am staying with mum so that dad can get some sleep. As she has become more and more unwell, she has been having restless nights and dad hasn’t been going to bed. 

However, she had a catheter fitted yesterday and so with an increase of sleeping medication, it seems that last night was a little calmer. Even so, I think mum just likes someone to be there… I imagine she goes to sleep most nights wondering if she’s going to wake up. How frightening for her. 

Anyway, just a few bits and bobs to do before I go to mum’s for 10pm. I’m not really looking forward to it, I suppose that I am just as scared that she  might die in the night. Not good all round really. 

G x 

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