The joy of sunshine

I’ve had another good day today as the sun has been out and I’ve basically spent the whole afternoon until 7:30pm outside. The sun really does nourish a person and there is nothing quite like the sun on your face is there? We got to eat our tea outside and even try out our sprinklers! 

I realise that I am turning into a complete garden bore, but that’s especially because at the very end of May (in about 2 weeks) our landscape gardener is coming to finish off the bottom half of the garden, as well as re-lay our turf. I am TRES excited.. If nothing else, it will just be good to get it all done.  

I’ve just got 1 more day at home before I go back to work after 3 weeks off. It’s a slightly weird feeling and I am sure the 6:45 alarm will be a real shock to the system! Especially as I am retuning to a brand new office, a new desk and also becoming a train commuter!!

I anticipate a certain amount of awkwardness around mum’s passing, but that’s ok and once I’ve said hello to everyone, I’m sure it will be fine.  

Anyway, I’m looking forward to my last day, as I’m going for a massage at 101 High Street and hopefully that should make me 100% floopy, which is the ideal state for my final day off. 



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