The Day of 2 Videos

So, I’ve had quite a busy day today, having been in Blackpool this morning and Ormskirk this afternoon. As you can tell, today is a day of 2 videos,  the first one being of the view  at the top of Parbold Hill:

I saw this when I was on my way between appointments and how could I not stop?! There were quite a few people already parked up in the layby, so I think I was very lucky to get a space. Lovely. 

I got home about 15:30 and then jumped onto the laptop to do some work. I was just looking out of the french doors at the birds and I spotted a little hedgehog on the lawn who came to visit. Cue video number 2!

I didn’t want to frighten him, but he was SOO cute, I just had to go outside and have a closer look. 

Anyway, I think M and I might go out for tea tonight, depending on how he feels when he gets in. Roll on Bank Holiday weekend I say! I know I had 3 weeks off work and have barely been back a week, but lets face it, it wasn’t exactly a restful time was it? 

I still feel a bit weird about things, but don’t feel as sad, as often about mum. Dad is still struggling I think and who can blame him? They were together for 45 years and she has only been dead just over 3 weeks! I think it was a culture shock for him when we all went back to work and of course the day is very long if you’ve not got something to do, although to be fair, he is keeping himself reasonably busy. 

I myself am feeling about 7/10. I am having weird dreams and my sleeping pattern has not yet returned to normal and maybe a couple of times a day, I think about mum & start to miss her loads. Life does carry on it’s true, but I can’t help thinking about all the up and coming things that Mum is no longer going to be a part of. That thought makes me really sad. So yes 7/10.

G x 

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