Barbecues and Birthdays

So today has been a day of two halves, the first half saw us in Widnes helping M’s sister to celebrate her birthday by way of a barbecue and the second half saw us in the garden catching some sun and barbecuing.

Awesome afternoon!

I felt OK at the birthday do this morning, well for a little while and I then I sort of run  out of social juice and really just wanted to come home. 

I had a nap when we got home and M went out to our local farm shop to get some meat to cook for tea  – which was delicious by the way. 

I also had to go an introduce myself to one of our neighbours as we noticed a hole in their roof! Seeing as our houses are only maybe a year old, it’s a bit of a bugger. Hopefully the builder Taylor Wimpey will fix it for them. 

Anyway, we are just watching “Into the Woods” which is musical fairytale with James Corden, Anna Kendrick and Meryl Streep. It’s quite an unusual film, a bit darker and weirder than I thought it might be. 

What will tomorrow bring?

G x