Hump Day

So some people think of Wednesday as “Hump Day” meaning it’s the day that you have to get through to then go downhill to the weekend. So in that case Happy Hump Day!

Today has been quite a busy day in some ways for me, as it started with me going to Kirkby (pronounced Kirby – silent “k”) this morning to meet a new  group of young people for work and then home this afternoon to do a boat load of work.

One of the exciting things that has happened today was that a gardener that we met a few weeks ago, finally started work on our garden! We had the top half done in September last year and the landscaper we used then was supposed to do the bottom half earlier this year, but he let us down big time and we had to find someone else. 

We are using a guy called Alan Bridge from Haydock and so far, so good, he seems to be doing OK. Coincidentally, he was in my sister’s year at school and so we know some of the same people. I am not going to post photos right now, but when it’s all done, I will post some to show progress start to finish. 

The second kind of unexpected thing was that dad came round to bring us some bedding plants and he told me that mum has left us a little bit of money, which I really wasn’t expecting. I didn’t know what to say… very bittersweet. I gave him a hug, I didn’t know what else to do. 

The 3rd nice thing that happened today, well “nice” is not quite the right word, I would say it’s more MEGA exciting.. squeeeeeeeee!!!!

This is the watch we all got M for his birthday at the beginning of May and as far as we knew it was only due at the end of June – but it seems, that it’s almost on it’s way!!!!!! M did a giddy dance when he found out. Best part of the day to be honest. 

The final thing that was ace, was that we went out for tea. We tried, for the second time, to go to The Millstone which is a pub near us that does Tapas, but for the second time, they were full and couldn’t fit us in. True, this is a bit annoying, but I also so pleased for them that they are doing so well… We will just have to remember to book next time. 

In the end, we went to Bents for tea and very lovely it was too. Happy days. Much better than yesterday today, so it was a very happy day. I had a rotten day yesterday as my sleep is very interrupted at the moment. Grief is very weird – just as you think you might be making an improvement, something daft happens and it just hits you in the face again. 

Anyway, today was a good day…. very good indeed. Long may it continue. 

G x 

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