Politics R Us

So today is the day that our country has been anticipating for the last 6 weeks as the results of the general election are announced.  

Since 2010 we have lived with a coalition government between The Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats as no-one had an overall majority. However, this time the conservatives won outright.  

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a massive political expert or anything, but the general election hoopla does interest me, especially as he last time there was an election, the new government made so many cuts that I was made redundant. 

I basically think that most major politicians tell lies to the British public to appear to be doing the right thing. The expenses scandal of 2009 did their reputation no favours and it only confirmed for me what I already suspected. 



The Houses of Parliament
The Houses of Parliament

So on Friday 8th May, the United Kingdom is now governed by a Conservative majority and David Cameron is once again Prime Minister. Can’t say I’m too pleased about that, but I DID vote and that’s all I can do.  

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