Keswick Part Two

So, here is my 2nd vlog from Keswick: 

Here is a link to the first one if you missed it:


As you can see we had a great time and after we visited Gilpin for afternoon tea it made me want to go back and stay the night. The staff were amazing, and they really couldn’t do enough for us. The afternoon tea was only £20 per head, and I think it was excellent value for money. I honestly also think, that having afternoon tea in somewhere like Gilpin, gives you a glimpse into a world that ordinarily you and more honestly me, perhaps couldn’t afford.

The rooms starts at £255 a night and go up to on average £525 per night, but the hotel is everything you would imagine for the price you pay. It’s luxurious, it’s idyllic, it’s beautiful and sumptuous and I would live there if I could! Best put those winning lottery numbers on then. ?

On our final day we all went to Grasmere primarily to get some famous Grasmere gingerbread..if you’ve never tasted it, it’s delicious and not like any other gingerbread you will ever taste. We had a wander round Grasmere and decided to go for lunch at Faeryland which is right on the edge of the lake,  only to find they didn’t do food, just cakes and tea. Also, the owner was grumpy and as we walked in, there were many signs telling us what we could and couldn’t do. Erm *bye* 

In the end we had a beautiful lunch of fish finger butties and chips at “The Grand at Grasmere” and it was delightful…see… 

How lovely? 
How lovely? 

You can also see the signs from the Grasmere gingerbread shop which is TINY but well worth a visit if you are up that way.  

Ah well, I’m pooped now after all the driving, work tomorrow so time for a minute before he chaos begins again. 

G x