Bad Day

So today has been utterly rubbish for a variety of reasons. In the grand scheme of things, nothing disastrous  has happened, no-one has died and the roof didn’t fall in but still… awful. Well not awful, just lots of little annoying nuggets of crap. Shall I list them for you? 

  1. Woke up shattered as still not really getting a good night’s sleep.
  2. Tried to park in Wigan to find out the card machine wasn’t working on the parking meter. I had no cash on me and then had to spend 15 minutes downloading an app, setting up an account and eventually paying. 
  3. Getting 20 T-Shirts out of the car, but they were all in plastic bags and they kept slipping out of my arms and I kept dropping them on the floor. Eventually after picking up the millionth shirt, I just dropped them all on the floor in a fit of pique. 
  4. Trying to find a Community Project, but having the wrong post code and subsequently spent 2 hours circling Wigan and Rivington, all whilst needing a wee! 
  5. When I got home and decided to do some work, I found out I had left my laptop cable in the office in Liverpool and I was almost out of juice. 

So you see, nothing life ending, but mostly a series of annoying little incidents which left me feeling a bit grumpy. M has just mad our tea and that made me feel a little better and then of course M gives really good hugs, which make me feel wrapped in love. 

Tomorrow is another day though eh. 

G x 

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