Leeds & Special Invite

So I had a really busy day yesterday as it was our “Staff Day” in which all the staff from the North Region all get together. 

I got the train there, but that didn’t start great as my initial train from N-le-W was delayed by 15 mins, which meant that I would miss our connection to Leeds. So I had to get a different train and was subsequently a little late.. eek. But the definite advantage of getting the different train was that there was a puppy assistance dog  (in training) who was sat right next to me. He was called “Magic” and was apparently learning how to undo laces and open doors at the moment! 

Magic having a chew stick

Magic having a chew stick

He was just the cutest thing and my favourite part (no really) was when he sat on my foot! It brought back lots of memories of Peggy dog (the dog M and I had from 2004 – 2013).

Me with Peggy Dog at Three Sisters in Wigan

Me with Peggy Dog at Three Sisters in Wigan

But I did eventually get to Leeds and despite me not expecting much, I actually had quite a good day. The afternoon session in particular was pretty cool when we got to play daft games and then make a video about the well being of staff. I took on the role of film maker and used iMovie on my iPhone to create it and thoroughly enjoyed the whole process — here it is:

Sadly YouTube deleted the theme music on it as it was a track I bought from iTunes, but other than that, I am pretty pleased with how it came out. 

I got home about 17:30 and M’s Apple watch had been delivered. I was therefore greeted by an ecstatic M who was excitedly trying it out… he even did me a few photos to show how everything looks when it arrives from Apple. 

I had only been in 5 minutes when my dad arrived for tea with a lovely bunch of flowers for me. It was great to see him, but I had actually invited him for tea TONIGHT! He stayed anyway and we all had Dominos. 

But I have left the very best and most exciting news until last… at the Staff Day yesterday, our chief executive Martina Milburn announced that there would be garden party at Buckingham Palace next year to help celebrate 40 years of The Prince’s Trust and all the staff are all invited!!  Apparently the dress code is the same as Royal Ascot, in that gentlemen have to wear lounge suits and women have to wear knee length skirts, no bare shoulders and hats/fascinators. HOW exciting! I can’t wait 🙂 

Anyway, so as you can see, busy flipping day – but a good one, the best one for a while. 

G x 


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