What it’s like to be 41

So I thought I would do a post today about what I feel like to be 41 years old. Where do I start? Well I guess one of the ways I could answer this rather large question, is to compare where I am now to where I thought I would be when I was a young ‘un.

I think when I was a teenager I thought 41 was very very old and of course at 41 I feel far from old.   In fact, I would say I feel as young in my head now as I did when I was 20. Absolutely no different!!

I think my body has changed loads, mostly got larger and my I am pretty sure my face has aged, but honestly I can’t see it. I love my face… I don’t mind if I get the odd line as it just shows people how I’ve lived my life and expressed my emotions. It’s me. I wish I felt the same about my body, but alas, I have the same hangups that every girl I know seems to… want to be thinner and fitter, but unless I stop eating crisps so much… well you know the rest.

It’s just occurred to me as I type, that this is maybe a mid-life crisis blog… I dunno if it is or not, but I just felt a little bit of reflective mood. Anyway……

In terms of my career, it’s been a funny old time, with a St Helens Council and GMCVO redundancy being career lows and Community Grants (also GMCVO), Christmas at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital and my current  role on the Team Programme at The Prince’s Trust being career highlights. I sort of wish I earned more money as I feel after 25 years of working, I blooming deserve it, but hey ho, it’s the trade off of working in the voluntary sector.

In terms of my personal life, I think (although I am bit scared of saying it – too jinxy) that I really am the luckiest girl in the world. I met my husband M in 2003 when we both worked at Warrington Hospital and after I pestered him loads, he eventually agreed to go to the cinema with me as ‘friends’. Well that didn’t last long and 8 “short” years later, we got married!!

I can’t say that we are two peas in a pod, as we have very different personalities, but we make each other laugh, have shared interests and sensibilities and he really is my holiday soulmate. OK I’ll stop now …….

I suppose one thing I have to address really quickly, is the fact that children feature nowhere in my life assessment. This is because I have never wanted children…. OK I’ll wait for you to cock your head to the side and make the “WHAT?!” face. but yes, never wanted them. My mum used to say, “When you meet the right person you will change your mind” – but then I met M and I didn’t change my mind, which was lucky as he didn’t want children either. So no kids… would rather have a dog – cause at least you can sell their children.

Anyway, overall being 41 is pretty cool. Bits of me hurt after physical exertion more than they did, my bum is larger than I would like, but all those things I can improve if I made more of an effort. Overall, I am pretty happy… I don’t really want for anything and life is good. I know I sound smug, but it’s better than sounding depressed.. My 40’s RULE!!!! (Oh and I have a garden now… it’s the small things…)

G x

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