Would you have a Synth?

So it’s Sunday evening and what a lovely weekend I’ve had. Lots of gardening and things yesterday, along with M’s dad’s 82nd Birthday celebrations and today has been very chilled with a little bit of window shopping and mostly just chilling right out. 

One thing that has been in discussion with my peeps of late is the Channel 4 series Humans. In case you haven’t seen it, it’s set somewhere in the future, where robots are very human looking and are common place within the home and workplace to take over some of the nation’s jobs and household chores and even being caregivers to people with medical needs. Of course the programme is a bit darker than that, with some of the robots or “Synths” being rogue and/or sentient.  Wanna see the trailer?


But the main discussion under discussion with quite a few people I know is “Would you have a Synth?” – and believe you me, this provokes a whole larger discussion about robots and AI and how soon synths might become a reality. 

The thing is, would we have one? I think my answer would be YES!!! But then after I had calmed down about having the latest bit of technology in my house, then what would I have it do? There is always the worry that I would become lazy and end up just blobbing on the couch for the rest of  my life, and then what if it broke and I couldn’t work my own washing machine???

That being said, people have had servants/housekeeper/cleaners and assistants for donkey’s years and so I have to ask myself, how is that different to having a synth? One of people I discussed it with said they would have one, but wouldn’t want it to sleep in the house overnight. You see… it’s a lot to think about!

Does it make me feel uncomfortable because robots aren’t current commonplace and therefore not socially acceptable – let’s not forget that at one time, people were shy of mobile phones and remote controls and dishwashers!!!

I just love technology, so I think I would be first in the queue to get one…. why not eh? 

Actually, speaking of tech, M tried the very brand new Apple pay this afternoon, with mixed results.  Last week Apple switched on the “Near Field Communication” aspect of iPhones and Apple Watches which meant that if we saved our card details onto our phone, then we could pay for things using contactless payment terminals in shops. 

Sooo… Take 1 – So we went to McDonalds for some food this morning and when it came time to pay, M zapped his watch. After just a second, the watch said ‘Done” – McDonalds spotty teen said “Didn’t work” – Tried with his phone – still a thumbs down, so paid using his card. 🙁

Take 2 – tried in our local Spar convenience shop, and using his Apple Watch, he managed to pay for our bit and bobs 1st time!!! RESULT!!

I am sure all the initial teething problems will iron themselves out – it’s a relatively new way of doing things, so it all takes time. 

Right then, off to watch a bit of crappy telly – oh Sundays – I do love you x x x x x

G x 

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