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So one thing you should know about me is that one of my biggest bug bears is poor customer service. I flipping HATE bad customer service and literally have a a zero tolerance policy around it. I just basically think that if you don’t like helping people, you shouldn’t get a job working with the public!

So I wanted to share with you 5 good and 5 bad customer service experiences… here we go in no particular order:

 Good Customer Service

Center Parcs, Sherwood Forest

M and I have always said that what Center Parcs do to train their staff, they should bottle and sell to other people. We went to Sherwood at least once every year between 2004-2010 and we never encountered, not even once, bad customer service. Every member of staff was polite and considerate and nothing was ever too much trouble. Even when our lovely dog Peggy vomited all over the bed, they couldn’t have been nicer or quicker to come and change the bed and give us fresh laundry. 

 ChouxChouxbedo, N-le-W

If you have read other posts of mine, you will already know that this is our local and very favourite coffee shop. Its owned by Janine and Wayne, with Janine working front of house. Every time we go in we are always greeted by a cheery greeting, a friendly smile and what could be nicer than that? Janine is very good at making you feeling like you are a valued customer and that nothing is too much trouble. 

John Lewis 

We have bought a few items from John Lewis as their larger items are guaranteed for longer and they offer a price match service. The website is good, the staff are helpful and they carry really good stock. Their extended guarantee in itself is good reason to put them in the good category.  

Marks & Spencer 

M&S hold a long tradition of no quibble returns over the years, and I would say that this is still true. Our local store is quite a large one on Gemini Retail Park in Warrington and M and I sometimes go there after work. The staff are friendly and you can return your items, even without a receipt. 

Laughing Squid

I know it’s a funny name, but Laughing Squid is the name of a US hosting company that I used when I ran Peggy’s blog* . I didn’t have too many problems, but on the odd occasion had to raise a ticket on their help desk and they were nothing short of excellent. Very polite, fast to react, good, easy to follow solutions and all advice free of charge.  

 Bad Customer Service


Ikea is a large Swedish furniture chain, for those of you that have been living under a rock. I hate shopping there because the shops are designed to drive you insane, but I have to admit the furniture is lovely.  

I am not fond of their customer service because when I was in their Warrington store, I was trying (and failing) to get my dad  his money back after a bed delivery had gone horribly wrong, I got thrown out. Then when I wrote and complained, I just got a snotty letter back. Nice once Ikea 🙁


I know most of you are thinking “Telewest Whosie Whatsi?!”, but let me tell you, in around 2003 – 2006 they were my service provider for my TV/Internet/Phone. They were HORRIBLE at customer service and every time I tried to call them up with one of the many, many, MANY faults that I had, they either a) never answered the phone or b) were incredibly unhelpful. I reckon I spent about 5 or 6 hours on the phone to them over a 12 month period and eventually I left them. Good Riddance. 

Post Office Insurance

This has been a recent inclusion after my bump in the car before Easter. It can be summarised in bullet points:

  • Had a crash – called them up – not too bad
  • Process of having car fixed was overly complicated
  • Smallish dent in car, took 6 weeks to fix at the garage they told me to take it to
  • When I tried to call them to see if they had kidnapped my car rather than fixed it… they evaded me by putting me into the call waiting loop of doom…..

Scottish Power

They are shit. See previous post here:


So I hate Magnet because they ruined Easter… true story. In 2005 we were having some building work done on our house to remodel it and have a brand new kitchen put in. We saw quite a few high street shops, all pants, and eventually decided on a kitchen from Magnet. We ordered it and the fact that despite asking several times, there were certain bit of the quote they never provided – this should have been a red flag. But the trouble is, when you love something and get excited by owning it, you ignore the warning signs.

Anyway, basically there was an issue with the delivery in that at the very last minute, they put back the delivery when were at home, sans kitchen ready to go. I rang up to complain and got absolutely nowhere. I then sent an email to the head office, via the website to formally complain. Do you know what they did with that complaint…. SENT IT TO THE BLOODY GUY WHO WE HAD BEEN DEALING WITH AND HAD BEEN REALLY UNHELPFUL ON THE PHONE! He then rang me up to tell me off for complaining and was so rude to me on the phone that he made me cry!! This all happened the week before Easter and so it was ruined. 

We cancelled the kitchen and got a much nicer kitchen and service from a small, local kitchen supply and fit company. In my option Magnet are fuckwits!

Please comment below if you have had good or bad customer service experiences. Let’s out them both ways!

G x 


*Peggy’s blog was something I wrote to diary the life of our dog Peggy, who lived with us from 2004-2013. She was a wonderful dog, but was clueless about humans. 🙂 

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