Limeys Review

Limeys Review

So, I guess in years gone by, lots of people tried lots of different ways to solve problems, and they way M & I like to solve problems is with gadgets.

Our problem: Limescale build up on the end of our taps.
Our solution: Limeys (you know, I only just ‘got’ why they are called Limey’s as I type… duh. )

So basically you have to put whatever limescale solution you like – (for us Cilit Bang) in the Limey and then put the Limey on the end of your tap. The idea is that your tap sits in the solution rather than having it dripping off all the time.

You see I am pretty sure that are people everywhere saying “just scrub it off”, and yes of course this is an option, but I am sure that are just as many people going GADGET GADGET GADGET!!!


I would say that they worked ok, but I did have some issues. They did loosen the limescale and make it easier to scrub, but I DID have to scrub. The pictures show our trial in our downstairs loo and overall I would give them 7/10. However I tried them again in our middle bathroom and it didn’t work as well. Not sure if that was my fault or the fact that it’s not a great design….

Maybe they would work better with a liquid de-scaler? I dunno, it would help if they were see-through, then I would least be able to see if the cleaner was on the tap when they were applied.

Overall, I think I will keep them, but I am sure there must be a better way. The quest continues.

G x

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