Strictly Come Dancing v Big Brother

So for years and years and YEARS I was a fan of Big Brother, having watched it since it’s inception in 2000, through the Davina years and even staying loyal when it morphed into a Channel 5 freak show.

However in 2013 my interest started to wane when I got really busy with house movey stuff and I felt that well, if you’ve seen one house mate, you’ve seen them all. When BB first started it really was a nod to George Orwell’s 1984  with the people that signed up not really sure what they were getting themselves into. But now, it seems that the contestants just want to use it as a stepping stone to launch their music/presenting/acting/sex-tape career – and couldn’t give a flying duck about the social experiment. 

I can understand why people do it. It’s a way of gaining massive exposure as they are on one of the UK’s main TV channels 7 nights a week for a couple of months. The contestants gain notoriety these days as well as lucrative sponsorship deals with their increased social media followers. Don’t get me wrong, if CocoWhite tooth whitener wanted to pay me £500 to do a single Instagram post, then I would snap their hand off – I guess I just liked watching BB when it didn’t feel like a 2 month audition. 

Because of all these things, I haven’t watched BB for at least 2 years but last night I DID watch the launch of Celeb BB and man-0-man I watched with a level of disgust I usually reserve for crappy benefits documentaries. It’s Brits v USA and as far as the female USA contenstants are concerned, they have gone with 2 porn stars and a sex-tape veteran. Nice. This was the straw that broke the Camels back and so bye by BB – I will no longer be delving. I am out. 

But then there’s Strictly……

Oh Strictly, How I love thee….. the sparkliness, the glitter, the dancing, the music, the performances,  the GLAMOUR!!! I love it all… 

I think that Strictly Come Dancing is one of the few reality shows that still has some basis to it’s original intention, which is basically, teaching non-dancers to dance. There is of course the filming of training and the odd romance between partners, but most we just talk about costumes, routine, dance steps and scores.  It’s still a dance competition and I just LOVE that. 

I also love the fact that when we start to watch it, it’s September and we feel like there are still the odd sunny few days to be had, schools have barely started back and things are still quite warm and fuzzy. Then when it finishes, it’s usually the weekend before Christmas and in between times, we’ve had Halloween, anniversaries, holidays and put the tree up. It’s just become a wonderful thing. 

I have been to see Strictly twice, but oh no, not the ordinary arena tour they do in January, but I  went to Television Centre twice during the 2011 series! I had tried for a few years to get tickets, as they were allocated via a ballot that has 5,000 tickets for which 250,000 people apply. So I was very lucky to get 2 lots, and bizarrely enough, I got them for the only 2 shows that are not live! I ended up going with M to the recording of the very first show in which the celebs find out who their dance partners are and then I took my mum to the recording of the Christmas special, which was at the end of November. 

Both were magical and for the Christmas recording, mum & I got to sit on the front row and were subsequently on the TV on Christmas day!  Too cool…

Anyway, basically, Big Brother nil,  Strictly Come Dancing 1. 

The only reason I would ever want to be famous, is so that I could get on Strictly – could someone organise that please…. thanks very much. G x 


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