2 Nights, 2 Movies

So on Thursday and Friday, M and I went to watch 2 very different films for which we left with very different opinions. 

The first film we watched was Pixar’s new movie Inside Out, which we saw at Cineworld in St Helens. I had heard via a couple of my internet peeps that it was a really good film and not always for children in places and I think that this was right. 

When I say it’s “not for children” I don’t mean that it’s gory or anything, just that some of the themes in it are definitely for adults to appreciate and would go way above any child’s head. However it is funny and fun and has some real cool animation and characters, which John Ratenzberger voicing his 15th Pixar voice.

It’s a well written story that deals with the emotions around growing up and moving to a new place. It explores what it’s like to process feelings that we don’t like and deal with the ups and downs of everyday life. See – not for kids. However it deals with it in a childlike rather than childish way and I loved it from start to finish. 

My only negative comment would be that we saw it in 3D and I can’t say that it really warranted it. The last film I watched in 3D was Gravity, and that was immense. The 3D aspect of Inside Out felt a little pointless.  Overall though, I loved it and when it comes to digital download, I think I might watch it again – 10/10. 

The film that we watched on Friday night was Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, which we saw at The Odeon in Warrington. 

We went with M’s sister and various brother-in-laws and friends and I had high expectation after Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol being sooooo GOOD!! However, I think it was average at best. The story was very formulaic and Tom Cruise is starting to look his age. Don’t get me wrong, he looks AMAZING for someone in his early 50s, but I kind of want my action heroes to be a little more spruce. I certainly know a women in her 50s would NEVER be cast in a similar role at the same age. So somehow the fact that Tom is still at it, just feels wrong. Especially as the female lead Rebecca Ferguson, is just 31…..

Anyway, the story (something to do with destroying “The Syndicate”) was OK, but I got a bit bored half way through but some of the stunts were stunning, so that did sort of save it. However there is a point in the film where Ethan Hunt is supposed to be drowning and I found it quite uncomfortable to watch – it felt a little to real. I know that is the WHOLE point of acting, but even so – I had to look away, and not in a good way. 🙁

It was cheesy in parts with an  overused mask reveal and I don’t think I will be watching this again…. shame 5/10. 

G x 


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