5 things that make we want to get stabby

In no particular order:

  1. Commuters who are selfish with their seat choice. When I get on the train and people are looking for a spare seat, there are ALWAYS people who do any or all of the following comibination of selfish acts:
    • Sitting in the window seat and putting their bag on the aisle seat so no-one will sit next to them – ON A PACKED TRAIN. 
    • Sitting in the aisle seat and putting their bag on the window seat so no-one will sit next to them – ON A PACKED TRAIN. 
    • People who put their feet up on the seats. 
    • People whom just because they have got a seat with a table, feel the need to spread their shit all over the table so no-one else can do anything. 
    • People who play their music into their headphones so EVERYONE ELSE CAN HEAR!!
    • People who’s conversation volume is turned up to 11. 
    • People who bump into people and don’t say sorry. 
    • People who crowd around the entrance to the train on the platform, making no space for the other people to exit the train. 
  2. I can never find my mobile phone/shoes/purse/mind. (I am invariably sat on my phone)
  3. Impatient Drivers – people that wait a good 0.5 seconds after the lights turn green before they beep you. Would they do that in real life – shout at your face if you were stood right next to them? 
  4. People that park in disabled parking spaces. I SWEAR people that do this are just the scum of the earth. You  might thing this is a little strong, but I really do feel that this type of behaviour is endemic in our society as we breed people who only really care about themselves. Especially as people do it just so they don’t have to walk usually another 10ft to the shop. I mean REALLY?!?!?!
  5. Z-list celebrities. Now then, this is controversial one for me, as the Daily Mail Wall of Shame is my guilty pleasure, but I really can’t stand some of the no-marks that make the news these days. I am talking about the likes of Kerry Katona, anyone from Towie, The Kardashians and Katie Price. I can’ t bear the way  they conduct and therefore sell every aspect of their relationships to the press and then moan about the intrusion. They are such messed up individuals who seem to equate marriage and a million children by different father’s as their route to happiness. They have such low self esteem that the minute anybody shows them a bit of interest, they have got engaged and signed up the documentary camera crew before they have even learned how their finance takes their coffee. Yuk. 

Anyway, those are 5 things that make me want to brush up on my knife throwing skills…. let me know yours!!

G x 

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